Introduction: Luna Lovegood's Lion Hat Prop

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This was definitely a trial and error type of a project. We ended up starting over twice.

Step 1: Supplies



Model Magic

Hot Glue

Foam Sheets

A lot of Fabric

Felt (light brown)

A Cheese Grater

Step 2: Shaping

Make sure the hat fits

Start shaping the foam to resembled a lion head. We constantly had a reference picture pulled up so I would highly recommend that. For this step we used a cheese grater and several different knives.

Step 3: Forming the Head

Once the main shape was made we added more foam to form the bridge of the nose and four half sized foam balls.

Step 4: Covering

We covered the head with foam sheets to make it smoother

Then covered it with felt

Step 5: Eyes, Ears, Nose

We made the eyes with model magic and painted them to match our reference photo

Then created the ears. We wrapped felt around a jumpo glue stick which was the easiest and fastest way

Covered the nose with black felt

Step 6: The Mane

The mane definitely took the longest.

We cut strips from different types of fabric

We added them in pretty randomly with hot glue

Then lastly we added the teeth (made from model magic) and the whiskers (made from a brooms bristles)

Step 7: Finished

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