Introduction: Luxury Home (scene)

This house really pretty with many rooms filled with furniture. It is so luxurious and makes a great vacation home. There are two bedrooms, a theater, a living room, a kitchen, and a hidden bathroom. There is also a pool area and two carports. The trees behind the house are to add to the scene to make it look prettier.

I made this project to test my ability on making complicated designs on Tinker CAD. To understand more about contemporary house, I searched up and researched the types of furniture and exteriors the contemporary houses have. Overall, I think this was a really fun and useful project!


Tinker CAD Account

Step 1: Build the Exterior

To build the exterior, you will just need the cube shape. To make your shapes look like cubes, click the color you want, then click "Transparent".

Step 2: Making the Interior

For the interior, the two most common shapes are the cubes and the cylinder. These shapes are used for the tables, beds, chairs, counters, carpets, and TV screen. The triangle is used for the umbrella, curved cylinder (shape generators) is for decor, round roof and tires for car, and half rings for chandeliers.

Step 3: Making the Trees

With the trees, all I had to do was go to the last page of shape generators and click "Tree". That one will give you 1000 randomized tree patterns to use.