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Stage One will have you changing an Ace into a Joker (or some other card - the choice is yours).

You can stop right there, or continue to Stage Two.

With some extra preparation, you can have the Ace disappear completely.

For Stage One, you will need:

  • An old pack of cards (or a cheap pack from a discount store)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil

For Stage Two:

  • As above
  • An additional pack of cards

Step 1: Choosing Your Cards

From your pack of cards, pick out:

  • one Ace
  • one Joker (or your favourite card)
  • two regular cards (any spot cards)

Step 2: Preparing Your 'Gimmick'

Photo 1: Take one of your spot cards, and place the Ace on the top. Make sure the corner of the Ace is flush with the top of the spot card.

Photo 2: Carefully turn both cards over, and with a pencil trace around the spot card.

Photo 3: Cut along the pencil line.

Photo 4: Apply glue to the back of the cut card.

Photo 5: Paste the cut card to the front of the spot card, ensuring the edges are lined up together. Place something heavy on the cards until the glue is dry.

This special card is called a 'gimmick'.

Step 3: Set-Up

When the 'gimmick' card is dry, you're ready for the set-up.

Photo 1: Place the Joker (or your favourite) behind the remaining spot card and hold them together as though they were one card.

Photo 2: Lay these on top of the 'gimmick' card so it looks like a fan of three cards. You are now ready to perform.

Step 4: Performance

Photo 1: Display the fan with the Joker hidden behind the top card, and the Ace showing in the middle.

Photo 2: Turn the fan over, at the same time spreading the cards with your fingers.

Photo 3: Ask an audience member to remove the Ace (which they believe is in the middle).

Photo 4: Leave it face down while you bring the other two cards together (to hide the Ace on the gimmick).

Photo 5: Display the face of the card they believe is the Ace. What a surprise!

Put the cards away (especially the gimmick) before the audience have a chance to look at them too closely.

You can stop here, or you can continue to Stage Two - Vanishing The Ace.

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Step 5: Stage Two - Vanishing the Ace

By introducing a second pack of cards, you can have the Ace disappear completely.

You've already made your gimmick, so you're half-way there.

Step 6: Preparing Your Cards

Photo 1: From your second pack, pick out the two cards which are the same as your original spot cards.

Photo 2: Ignoring the Joker, pair up the other cards so they are not the same.

Photo 3: Apply glue to the backs of the two new cards.

Photo 4: Paste them to the backs of your remaining cards, making sure that the front card is different to the one on the back.

Photo 5: Place something heavy on the cards until the glue is dry.

Step 7: Set-Up

Photo 1: When the glue is dry, pick up the cards ready for set-up.

Photo 2: Place the full card in front of the gimmick so it will appear as a fan of three cards. There is actually only two.

Step 8: Performance

Photo 1: Display the fan, and gather them together, squaring them up.

Photo 2: Hold them in your left hand with your middle finger at the back of the cards.

Photo 3: Under cover of your right hand, stretch out the fingers of your left hand. This will reverse the cards.

Photo 4: Take away your right hand. To the audience, the top card is still the same.

Photo 5: Separate the two cards, The Ace has disappeared!

Be careful not to show the backs of the two cards, and place them out of sight before the audience ask to see them.

Produced for your enjoyment by CraftMagic2012