Introduction: MAKE a HUGE LED CYLINDER “ 8 X 4 X 16 “

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Do you want to make a huge Led Cylinder ? You are right place...


Hello guys, In this tutorial, We'r going to show you how to make a DIY Led Cylinder at home.

There are many circuits in the internet made with a led. One of them is led cube. The lots of led cubes in our research is quite high. So we wanted it to be a little different. And let's make a cylinder, not a cube.

So, our led cylinder consists of 8 layers. Each floor has 4 circles. and there are 16 leds in each circle. Totaly 8*4*16 equal is 512 leds. We have designed a piece to properly assemble the leds using solidworks. And we have printed the part we have drawn on our 3d printer.

Step 2: Materials

So if you decided to make a led cylinder, you have to some equipments and materials.

///////////////// EQUIPMENT & MATERIAL LIST //////////////////

Arduino Nano

Led * 552

330 Ohm * 32

1 Kohm * 8

74HC595 * 8

BD168 * 8

Sockets & Pins & Cables

3D Printed Parts

Step 3: Let's Start

Now, I guess you have materials and equipments. First of all , we designed a pcb or circuit. You can find circuit o last steps. As you can see in pics also. We are assembliying them. We started with resistors and sockets.

Step 4: Building...

So we have circuit for led cylinder. Now, let's built huge led cylinder. We designed a 3D printable part for building.

You can find it o last step too.

8 layers or floors , 4 circles and each circle has 16 leds. Totaly is 512 leds.

Step 5: Let's Try

And Done. Now lets try. We added some codes. and you see pics with detaily.

And Have FUN...

Step 6: Files, Codes, Parts

All files is here....

... To Better World.

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