MDF Backpack Hanger

Introduction: MDF Backpack Hanger

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How to build a Backpack Holder from 1/4" MDF Board.

This is a 1 day build that can be fun for the entire family. Simply cut out the shapes you want, paint it, add the hardware and you are done!
Below are all the steps I took to make the Backpack Hanger, so follow along.

Materials and Tools
1 Sheet of 1/4 " MDF Board ( 2' x 4' will make 2 Backpack Holders )
Spray Paint or Acrylic Paint
Sharpie Marker
Flat Tip Black Marker
1 Drawer Knob
1 Jig saw ( Medium or Fine Blade )
Hanging Hardware
2 Part Epoxy
1 Ruler
1 Drill with Bits or Dremel
1 Roll of Masking Tape

Building Steps

1. Sketch out the design you want on paper ( Best to use Graph Paper )
2. If you got a board that is 2' x 4' cut it in half so you have a 2' x 2'
3. Center the 2' x 2' piece of 1/4" MDF Board
4. Sketch out the basic shapes on to the 1/4" MDF Board using the Center Mark as a guide
5. Round out the corners if desired.
6. Make a mark for your knob 1" or 1 1/2" up from the bottom line
7. Now is a good time to drill out the hole for the knob ( use a bit the same diameter of the knob screw )
8. Trace the shape with a Sharpie so that it will be easy to see when cutting with the Jig Saw.
9. Cut out the shape with the Jig Saw by following the lines you made with the Sharpie.
10. Sketch the face on the upper part of the Board
11. The Middle section will be for the name
12. On the bottom you will attach the knob

Painting Steps

13. Paint the Face, once dry.
14. Mask the hair section and paint it, once dry.
15. Mask the name section, once dry.
16. Mask the bottom section and paint it, once dry you can move on to step 15.
17. Using a ruler and the flat marker trace the shapes out ( the width of the flat marker tip )
18. Draw the face with a pencil and trace with the flat tip marker
19. Either draw and trace the name or buy stick on letters

Hardware attachment

20. Attach the Hanging Hardware using the 2 part Epoxy Glue ( Allow to cure )
21. Attach the Knob and you are finished!

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