Introduction: MES V-A1 Sidearm

Hi everyone! This is a pistol that i have had for over 3 weeks. I wanted to keep this gun as simple as possible. This is a remake of the original one, i made the original about two months ago... but i thought it wasn't good enough to be posted, and i was to lazy to take pictures.

I like this gun mainly for its power and sturdiness. This gun gets about 20-45 feet depending on the rubberbands and is 5 layers thick, making it really sturdy

This gun could get alot more power if the trigger was farther back. I don't want to do it because i want to keep this gun simple.

True Trigger
Short Pull back
Jam free mag
Range is 20-45 Feet
Cool looks

Short pull back (Decreases Power)
Uses tape

Anyone who can guess what the name stands for gets a Waffle!

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Step 1: Frame

Pic 1: Build this
Pic 2: Make its clone

Step 2: Trigger

Pic 1: Make this
Pic 2: Add this
Pic 3: Add this
Pic 4: Make this piece

(Make sure you have an extra blue rod at hand)

Step 3: Inner Body

Pic 1: Make this
Pic 2: Make this
Pic 3: Make this
Pic 4: Make this
Pic 5: Make this
Pic 6: Slide this on
Pic 7: Slide this on
Pic 8: Slide this on
Pic 9: Attach the other side on

Step 4: Mag

Pic 1: Make this
Pic 2: Make its clone
Pic 3: Make this
Pic 4: Make another without the Y clips
Pic 5: Attatch like this on one side
Pic 6: Attatch the other panel
Pic 7&8: Attach the other piece

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Pic 1&2: Attach the mag to the inner body
Pic 3 Attach one side of the Gun (Don't forget about that blue rod)
Pic 4: Put this thing here
Pic 5: Attach the Trigger
Pic 6: Attach the handle (If not done already)
Pic 7: Attach the other side of the body

Step 6: Other Things

Pic 1&2: Build the ram
Pic 3: Wrap it in tape
Pic 4: Build the Mag pusher
Pic 5: Put the ram in as Shown

Step 7: Rubberbands

Pic 1: You need 1 #64 and a smaller band
Pic 2: Attach #64 like this
Pic 3: Attach othe Rubberband like this

Step 8: Loading and Firing

Pic 1: This gun shoots these
Pic 2: Load as shown
Pic 3&4: Put Pusher in and put a rubberband on it

Step 9: Your Done!

Congradulations! you are done! I would be happy to answer any Questions! Thanks for building!