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Have you ever had the problem of needing to keep aliens or secret double agents still while you fumble for that gadget in your pocket to erase their memories; but while doing so all they escape because you drop the neurolizer on the ground and it goes off on you? Then to top it off your boss says the world is going to be destroyed all because you couldnt catch them. This is a typical scenario our poor agents and spies are putting up with every day to protect our world and keep us safe.

I introduce to you the MIB Neurolizer gun.

This top of the line future weapon is great for both spy and secret government agent alike! It can out perform any government issue memory eraser and standard issue gun out there. It has a nuclear core to power the neurolizer flash in a convienient AA battery form and can last for decades. It has also a laser on the front that can look through the thickest wall to see inside without the need for special glasses or other equipment. yet best of all this gun can take many sorts of ammo from your garden variety bullet to knockout darts, heat seeking bullets, and gps alien tracker rounds; and if that doesnt spike your interest, I will show you how to make one!

The camera I used doesn't work very well in low light or catch the flash very good so this video doesnt do justice.

Step 1: Parts, Supplies, and Special Permits

As a secret agent, you're new out in the field and are needing this weapen to be effective. well, only a few parts are needed to build it!

1: the secret government gun with interchangable ammo. (given to you at orientation)
2: a disposable camera
3: a couple of scrap switches
4: spare wire
5: nuclear core (AA battery form)
6: CAT5E ethernet cable
7: laser LED
8: heat shrink wrap
9: small ETC...

1: soldering iron with solder
2: wire strippers
3: maybe a screw driver

Permits, Etc...
1: A.A degree in electrical engineering
2: nuclear permits
3: level 2 government clearance to use the gun.

Step 2: The Disposable Camera

You need a disposable camera flash to project the memory eraser with enough distance to work safely, and you need the circuit in the camera to run it. The main issue is that just putting the camera on the gun and using it like that will make fellow agents and enemy aliens laugh at you. taking apart the camera is easy, just pull it apart by popping the two tabs on the side. Then pull out the inner plastic case after that. This will expose the circuit board. my circuit board popped right out without screws after that but cameras may vary. So now you have the board with the flash bulb on it. This is all you need, the rest can be thrown away.

Step 3: Remove the Flash and Solder to Wire


  Discharge capacitor before attempting to touch the board. Do this but touching both contacts of the capacitor with a screw driver. as you can see in the picture is discharged and flash burned the board, Its been unused for a long time and still had enough current to create a spark and could possibly kill you. Always use the one handed rule and not both hands becuase the current can pass through your heart when using two hands.

The flash is held on by metal contacts and they are soldered to the board and the light itself, and will need to be unsoldered. I heated the solder with my iron and used pliers to remove the bulb while the solder was hot. once the bulb is removed, you can remove the reflector which is needed as well. 

For wire I used a piece of scrap ethernet wire to supply power to the bulb and have wires for the charging switch and trigger switch. I soldered a wire to each of the spots where the bulb was once soldered on the circuit board. to get more juice to the bulb i soldered a wire directly to the capacitor instead of where it originally was and I traced it back to verify its the same part of the circuit first. then I soldered a third wire to the spot where some little wire was touching the reflector. I dont know what this third wire is for but the bulb wont flash without this refector around it and grounded to this location on the board. you can see it in the picture below . I originally soldered two wires of each color to the bulb for more current but being this is solid core wire it turned out I didnt need two so that opened up a couple more wires for switches! On the other end of the wire you can now solder the bulb and reflector onto the cable, having two wires soldered onto the bulb and the third soldered to the reflector. Thats three wires to the bulb to make it work.

Step 4: Switches

Next item that needs to be addressed is the switches to make the flash work. One is needed to initiate the charging circuit and the other is needed to "fire" the flash and erase some memories! I used two switches from a scrap computer tower from work.

The wires for the"fire" switch needs to be soldered onto two pieces of metal sticking out next to the capacitor. When these two contacts are connected, it was cause the bulb to flash. these contacts were connected to the cameras shutter. Just solder a wire to each piece of metal and connect a switch at the other end. keep in mind what wires will go to what by labeling them.

Next is the charger switch which charges the circuit. On the circuit board is a shiny metal button that charges the flash but if you push it with your finger directly it will shock you. I soldered a wire to each contact that went to the switch and soldered a switch at the end of the wire.

Step 5: Creating the Weapon

Now we need to attach the new system to the gun. I did this with some heat shrink wrap, electrical tape, and zip ties. All this put together makes it really sturdy and dependable for the needs of an agent or spy in the field. To start I shrinked some wrap around the flash bulb and this is what holds it to the barrel of the gun. I then secured the ethernet wire with some zip ties along the barrel of the gun and down the handle. Once this is secured you can now place your switches in the areas of the gun and cut the wires to length and then solder them. 

Thecharge switch is placed at the handle of the gun and only needs to be pressed once to initiate the charge. Once charged it will automatically recharge each time on its own; so it doesnt need to be placed in a easily reached location. After I put this switch in its location, I trimmed the wires, soldered them in and heat shrinked them up. 

TheFire switch needs to be placed in a easily accessable location for a spy or agent to erase memories with instant reaction. (no need to fumble for that old neurolizer) I came across a more better looking switch with LED backllight that I opted for which is perfect for a fire switch, its bigger and easier to press, and see. I zip tied this in front of and just to the right of the guns trigger so the same finger can hit both the gun trigger and the memory eraser tigger. no need to use a different finger

Step 6: Adding the Laser and Power Source

  What good is a gun without a laser sight on it? Even better, what good is a gun without a laser that can see through walls! look no further than this weapon. With the flick of a switch the laser comes on and makes walls invisible! How is this done?

The box on top of the gun houses yet more nuclear cores in the form of AA's and a small circuit to enable it to see through walls! its inside components are still in testing and considered government top secret... so moving on. 

The laser is attached at the front of the gun and wired to the box. There is a small black switch on the side of the barrel that turns the laser on and off and it also turns the fire switch backlight on and off too. The switch was harvested off of a burnt power supply and can handle the load the nuclear cores output, so its perfect.

After all the wires are run and everything is secured, use heat shrink wrap to secure and waterproof the wiring to the gun and to mainly make it all one color... The gun is now done and ready, now to complete the system by making a box for the memory eraser circuit.

Step 7: The Box for the Memory Eraser Circuit

Being that this is just the first edition of this type of gun; part of the circuit isnt incorperated into the gun yet so its going to be in a pocket version! I made a custom plastic case so all the inside goodies can be seen. The case itself is made from discarded retail packaging and cut down to size...and is completely RF shielded and EMP proof by the way! The memory eraser chip is embedded in the circuit board in that black box on the left side of the board in the picture, or is it a transformer? you decide. You can see the nuclear core AA at the bottom and the wire going to the gun at the top. Now that this is all ready to go, its time to test it out!

Step 8: Pre Testing

The pictures below show the gun powered up and all lights running except the memory eraser of course, otherwise you might forget what you just saw. The fire switch for the memory eraser is lit up for ease of use at night and the laser is on. the yellow light on the circuit board lights up when the flash bulb is ready to erase memories. Next page has the results!

Step 9: Bench Testing

Pictureone: Gun uncharged and ready for typical use
Picture two: Gun Charged, laser on, and memory eraser fired. (you can see through the wall b/c the see through laser sight is on)
Picture three: gun laser turned on without memory eraser flash, you can see through wall and see trees. almost like a window...

As you can see it works perfectly and every field agent and spy will want one of these awesome weapons! No more will you have to decide which weapon to use, now you can use both at the same time! 

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