Introduction: MINI MOUSE (Pocket Mouse)

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Hi everyone,

Here is another instructable of me.Its a simple and interesting work in which i did learn how to hack and remake an optical mouse.I came to notice in many scrap centres, among electronics wastes there is a lot of computer accessories like keyboards,mice etc.I collected mice from there and decided to remake if possible.The rest of the story is this instructable.

Step 1: Understanding ATA 2398:The Optical Image Sensor

The CPU of every mouse is an optical image sensor.What you should do is google about it,find its pin details and prepare the circuit diagram. ATA 2398 is the one i got, it has a simple package just like the NE 555 but with 12 pins.A small hole at the bottom of the package sense the reflection of light from the sliding surface.

Its the final circuit diagram i designed.

Step 2: Bill of Materials

tit tac bottle (as enclosure)


copper clad board

ATA 2398

47mfd/6V capacitors -2

220 ohm resistor

red led

push buttons-2

micro usb female-1

Step 3: Lay Out and PCB Design

Designing and fabricating PCB fit to the selected enclosure is a matter of importance .So, measure the dimensions of the tic-tac bottle and cut a rectangular piece of copper as shown in the pictures .The rectangular space at the centre is for the reflector shown above which should be attached to the bottom of ATA 2398.

Step 4: Soldering the Components

We should take much care when soldering the micro usb port. As per the pin configuration ,we don't need the pin ID so, it should be shorted to ground.

Step 5: Attaching the Reflector to the Sensor

The reflector should be attached to the sensor carefully as per above pictures .Adjust the led to the reflector .

Step 6: The Enclosure

The enclosure is fabricated from the tic tac bottle.

* cut the space for taking out the micro usb port.

* cot the space for the reflector .

* make the holes for the buttons.

Step 7: Fit the Circuit to the Enclosure

Its all about making a mini pocket mouse.

Try this yourself .

HAPPY MAKING.................:)

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