Introduction: MODBOX

someone i know has a older xbox 360 FAT lying around,

i noticed a M-itx board fitted in

with a tx PSU

so i had the idea of modding it in such a way that it needs minimal cutting/frame editing

Step 1: Get a Xbox360 Fat

get a old xbox 360 fat, it needs to be the fat model since this this is the only one wich can hold a psu,mb, and other stuff

all other models are too small.

a ps2 fat should also work (not sure)

Step 2: Get a Small Pc/hw

as the title says get a mini-itx pc

make sure you get a correct psu that fits in the case/near

Step 3: 3d Print Mb Support/other Items for Better Support

Step 4: Cutting the Frame

this part involves cutting the metal frame that holds the xbox

make sure you have thought about how you want to fit it inside, since if you cut it once, you cannot redo it.

since i do not have a dremel on me at this moment, i cannot do this.

but as you can see i only have to cut the place where the old powerbutton was and some parts at the back.

as you can see on my test setup (just lying on the table) i have a memory-card/usb hub, and a sff dvd-drive

wich all fit inside the case on top of the psu

the HDD (now a 2,5") will come in the place of the old location of the HDD

(if you look it up at google, you can see tons of casemods wich have a total redo of the casing, wich also ruins the original design)

i wanted to make 1 wich still looks like a xbox at first sight

Step 5: Finalizing Your Mod

when you're done it looks like a normal xbox, but holds a full pc

also follow my mod-log here:

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