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This is a simple and effective toy to make any cat busy playing.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Drill machine and Screw Driver

Inch tape

Wire clips

Zip ties



1x1 wood board

12 inches and 1.5 inches thick wood piece

Asmo motor with 12v adaptor

Step 2: Making a Pillar

Take out the center dimension and drill three holes in it and tighten the wood piece from other side by screws.

Step 3: Spinning Part

carefully drill a hole in the plastic shaft of motor and tighten it on over the wood piece by screws

Insert the metal wire in the holes of motor shaft, connect it with 12v supply

Step 4: Making Mouse

Take any cardboard and draw a mouse over it and cut it out ,make a hole in the center and put it in one side of metal wire

Step 5: Playing Toy Is Ready

Put the 12v in board and secure it with masking tape ,now your cat will be bust playing.

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