MRE Heat Retention Pouch / Heating Sleeve

Introduction: MRE Heat Retention Pouch / Heating Sleeve

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So one of my hobbies includes watching the unboxing and eating of MRE's on YouTube (Meals ready to eat) and I always hear that the FRH (Field ration heater) doesn't do the job. All they have to hold the heat in was a thin cardboard box.

So i thought why not make a insulated pouch!


pipe insulation (Silver backed bubble wrap)



Aluminum or Duct tape

Step 1: Measure Up

measure the MRE while in the heating pouch. you want to leave a little space to make it easier to insert and remove

Step 2: Seal Up and Test!

use the tape of your choice to seal 2 of the 3 open sides

you could put some decorative fabric or army camo to dress in up a bit

Hope this help soldiers and Civilians alike !

Take care,

wired mist

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    I’m not sure who complained about the heater bags not working, but I’ve never known any of us to have trouble with them, when used properly. Aside from that, for hobbyists who are heating these up in the garage or at a campsite, I think it’s a great idea. Not sure I’d take the time to put one of these together in the field though... 😂

    On a side note, if you like to watch MRE unboxing videos, I did one here a year ago (I had a Fleet Navy buddy help me clean up my apartment as I was moving out and she had never had one):

    Enjoy! And keep doing fun stuff!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Refreshingly different! lol
    thanks for the share, really appreciate it. I figured it might help keep the heat in but my inferred thermometer is busted >.<