Introduction: MRE Heat Retention Pouch / Heating Sleeve

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So one of my hobbies includes watching the unboxing and eating of MRE's on YouTube (Meals ready to eat) and I always hear that the FRH (Field ration heater) doesn't do the job. All they have to hold the heat in was a thin cardboard box.

So i thought why not make a insulated pouch!


pipe insulation (Silver backed bubble wrap)



Aluminum or Duct tape

Step 1: Measure Up

measure the MRE while in the heating pouch. you want to leave a little space to make it easier to insert and remove

Step 2: Seal Up and Test!

use the tape of your choice to seal 2 of the 3 open sides

you could put some decorative fabric or army camo to dress in up a bit

Hope this help soldiers and Civilians alike !

Take care,

wired mist

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