Introduction: Rainbow 3D Infinity Mirror

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So this is one of my original Ideas when I first joined instructables!

The EL-wire transformer had burnt out. Even though it would have been a easy fix, I felt it was time for an Upgrade.

Step 1: Remove Unnecessary Wires and Cabes

Pull out any extra cables that you won't be using and prepare to install it's new innards

Step 2: Power Supply

I used a 5V 10 Amp power supplies for this project.

Because the lights are set to 50% duty cycle I only need 30ma per led

30 ma x 270 = 8100 + 700 Warm white led bring it up to 8.8 amps. I'd prefer to leave 20% extra current, but this still works.

Step 3: Sheathe the Neo Pixels

Measure the overall length that you will need. use the same distance heading back (so it will light up both sides of the strips. Mine worked out to 90 pixels in total per strand

Step 4: Mount LED Tubes and Electronics to the Bottom Platform.

you will need to drill out holes for the tubing and lights from the last step. Try to arrange them headed off in different directions for a nice effect (or randomly if you're feeling Rebellious :P )

Fill the middle with fake moss around the center hole, and along to the edges of the wooden platform. then use 2 part epoxy (or your favorite alternative) to glue it on.

Mount the middle 3W warm white Led into the center with a 2.2 ohm 2 w resistor in series. Use a heat sink compound under it then use 2 part epoxy in the corners to hold it still

Or you can also use heat sink tape if you like!

Step 5: Arduino Test

Time to test out how well the lights work unison!

Be sure to update the pin and the number of Led's

upload the code from Ada-fruit (pay attention the the "UberGuide" << seriously your best resource

Wire up all three strands that you made last step.

Step 6: Installation / Finishing

To finish it off, I put some fake greenery on the bottom

And thats it! Hopefully you might try to make one of these too.

Happy Building :D

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