Introduction: MTV Logo Hand Art

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Recently this month, MTV celebrated its 35th anniversary, and just a couple of nights ago, I saw this years VMA's with a historic show at Madison Square Garden on TV. So, in honor of all of those achievements, I thought it'd be very appropriate to paint the classic logo to show its appreciation. For me, sometimes, I like to think of August as MTV / Music Video Month in honor of the network's original launch, which took place back in 1981.

Step 1: Yellow M

First, I used Yellow to paint the block letter "M" in the center of the palm of my hand.

Step 2: Blue Shadows

Then, I added light blue to the sides of the letter to make it more 3D. You will see in the very end that I painted a darker blue on top to make it pop out more.

Step 3: Red TV

Now, I went into my Beach Berry Red, and painted the graffiti styled "TV" along the side of the M.

Step 4: Outline

Finally, I used black to outline the entire logo, and it's done!

Step 5: I Want My MTV!

Now, this is one classic logo worth celebrating music videos with!

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