Introduction: MY FIRST KNE'X BALL MACHINE Project 1

About: okay,, METALLICA RULEZ!!!!
this is my first ball machine ever, so it isn't very good(also my english:D)
it takes many pieces and many time
it uses shadowman39 double helix lift and i_am_canadian's ball machine lift
it has 2 path's and 2 lifts
the standart pathing
the orange slide
the RC path
the wheel
the orange slide without rc tubing
and the click clack grey spacer element!

last pic:
my pieces after building it (not all pieces)

p.c. i'm NOT making an instructable cuz it uses WAAAAAAAY too many pieces and it will cost WAAAAAAY too many pic's for an instructable

next project will be :better,awesomer,more elements and more pieces!