Introduction: MacGyver Backpack Strap (made From 32' of Rope)

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Carrying a 32' reel of rope everytime you go out on a recce is a bit of a faff,

SO, we worked out that making a monster size paracord braid from the rope makes a great backpack strap and hides that 32' of rope that you might just need if you're caught short in the wilderness.

That way you're carrying something that is always useful and not just extra emergency gear (like our 'Tactical Bob' hat that we posted last year ) .

Step 1: All You Need:

2 karabiners & 32 feet of rope.

We used 1/4" rope (6mm) which is thick enough to save your own bodyweight , and hopefully long enough... Obviously, you can use as long a length as you like.

Step 2: Setting Your Rope Length

To make a 4' (120cm) bag strap :

Find the middle of the rope and lay the rope down as a double length (as in Picture 1) . The middle will be one end of your strap. You'll be able to hide 6 times this length in your braiding (as you can see in Picture 2)

Measure 4' (120cm) along the two lengths of rope and loop these two lengths around the karabiner as in Picture4.

Start your paracord braiding all the way back down the length.

Step 3: Paracord Braiding

It's easier to follow the images than try to explain in words but a really useful thing to bear in mind is that one rope stays behind and one stays in front all the way down. It's really easy , almost therapeutic once you get going.

There are loads of variations on the paracord braiding technique ( so if you want to get a bit fruity with it have a look at some of the trillion paracord instructables on this hallowed site...

Your braiding will stretch along the centre ropes so when you get to the end you can make it look neat.

We finished the ends with a simple reef knot so , should the time come, you can easily start to untie your braiding and get a more useful rope length...

Step 4: Other Uses / Why You Need a Paracord Rope Strap...

funnily enough, the strap is just the right length for me to use as a belt...

and with rigger boots it's makes the ideal camping seat strap. Simply hook it onto your boot loops and round your back to take the weight.

we made a bit of a video to show a few other uses too... have a watch , and if you've got more uses please send em in ! we'd love to see them!

cheers and happy hunting,

millie , chazzer and uncle nick

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