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So i'm a tiny bit obsessed by efficiency and really hate washing up so I've been experimenting with the best way to do a solid fry up all out of one pan.

My main trick is poaching the eggs in the baked beans. Tell me why that is not a logical thing to do?

It's hardly rocket science but here are the steps to get every bit of taste from the pan , onto your plate.

Step 1: Chose Your Weapons

Today , for Easter weekend brekkie I'd already done some fresh sourdough bread (yes, I'm like that, this morning I put butternut squash seeds on top. beautiful.)

So that bread needed a good fry up to go with it, in today's case we had bacon, shallots, eggs and beans.

I am a fan of Wigan's finest Heinz beans. I don't really go for the other pimped up varieties or the wateriness of own brand versions.

Step 2: Shallots and Bacon

First stage for this brekkie is get those shallots sizzling in the clean pan and wang in the bacon on top of them. Let em fester in the bacon juice as the pork warms up, which means you don't really need to put any oil in.

Step 3: The Baked Bean Bath

As soon as your bacon and shallots are done , slide them off onto another plate and keep them warm.

Pour in your baked beans into the pan . DON'T CLEAN IT! you want that tasty heart attack residue to dissolve into the bean bath, adding to the depth of porcine taste.

Your pan should be on a medium heat.

Step 4: Slide in Your Egg

So when your beans are simmering, crack your egg and drop it into the beans. It'll float and hold together (not like when I try to poach eggs in water).

You'll see it grow like white jelly beans

Step 5: 4 Minutes to Perfection

poach it for as long as you like.

4 minutes is right for me ... beautiful runny yolk but all the white's cooked.

don't forget the cup of tea.

make the force be with you.

if anyone's got any ways to improve the technique , please get in touch!

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