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Party hats from christmas crackers all seem to be the same, no matter whether you get the cheapest or most expensive box of crackers.

Here's a simple upgrade you can do to make them a bit different.

It's just like when you were at school making chains of little paper people from cutting out folded paper.

You can do this with your own hat round the Christmas dinner table with a neat rip by hand, whilst you're getting bored by your uncle's tale that he told everyone last year but everyone's too polite to point it out...

Step 1: Extract the Hat

Carefully break into the cracker down the tube. Mind you don't rip it or squash it.

Pull the hat out, resist the temptation to see if this cracker has the really handy mini tape measure inside that is always the best present in the pack.

Step 2: Choose Your Cut Out Design

You need a symetrical design , a star, heart , X , whatever...

Draw half the design on both edges. as shown with the star, or cut it out freestyle. (You don't really need to draw it first...)

Step 3: Poke It Back in the Cracker

So that's what you get. a bunch of stars cut out round the hat. magic.

You could go bonkers on the design (send me a pic and please tag your instagram with @nick_rawstudio and #pimpedpartyhat)

The star matched my crackers so that'll do for me.

Fold it back up and poke it back in the cracker like a ninja leaving no trace.

It's hardly rocket science but you'd think the people who make the hats could have sussed this easy modification out sometime in the past 50 years.

merry christmas

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