Introduction: Macrame Plant Hanger for Beginners

This instructable will show you how to make your own macrame plant hanger. If you have been wanting to get into macrame, but have been intimidated by it thus far, look no further. This project will ease beginners into macrame - the art of knotting cord into patterns.


  • Potted plant
  • Macrame cord
  • Metal or wooden ring
  • 4 Beads
  • Scissors

The type of cord you use for macrame can be whatever you prefer: cotton rope, yarn, twine, jute rope.

Tip: choose beads with large enough holes to fit two strands of your cord through

Step 1: Preparing Your Cord

First, you will need to cut four equal lengths of cord. The length you will need to cut depends on how long you want your pot to hang. Each cord will be folded in half so the total length you cut will need to be double the hanging length plus a little extra for knots and the tassel under the pot. Mine were about 4' long and I used the first cut cord to measure and cut the remaining three cords.

Once you have your four lengths of cord, line them up together and fold them in half. Pull the half way mark through the ring and grab the ends of the cord, pulling them through the cord loop to attach the cord to the ring. Pull each strand individually to thoroughly tighten it to the ring.

Step 2: Knotting Your Cords

Separate the cords into four groups with two strands in each group. String a bead onto each group of two strands and make a knot under the bead by making a loop with the two strands and pulling the ends through the loop. The knot should be several inches down the length of the cord and will be the starting point of the holder part of the hanger.

Now take one of the strands from one group and knot it with one of the strands from an adjacent group a couple inches down from the previous knot. Continue down the line knotting together strands from adjacent groups. You will end up with one free strand on each outer side. You will knot these two strands together to form a circle of knots.

It might get a little confusing now that your strands aren't in a line anymore, but you'll repeat the same process of knotting one strand from one group with one strand of an adjacent group once again about an inch down from the previous knots.

Step 3: Finishing and Hanging Your Plant

You are just about done! All that's left is to gather all the strands of cord together and loop them into one large knot. The strands below this knot make the tassel which will hang below your potted plant. If during your knotting the strands became uneven, you can cut them to even them out.

It will be a little tricky to figure out how to get your pot into the holder, but the pot will sit right on top of the big knot and the knots you made will make a holder that surrounds the sides of your pot.

Congratulations - you've made your first macrame plant hanger!

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