Introduction: Macro Photography Using Extension Tubes and Kit Lense

I would like to start by saying that i'm in no way a professional photographer! I started taking pictures with a DSLR about 2 years ago after buying one for the main purpose of shooting videos in my wood shop. But one thing lead to another and before I knew it I was out and about taking pictures and researching on the subject. I own a Canon T5I and it came in a kit with case and 2 lens the 75-300mm and the 18-55mm. I had a lot of fun with those 2 lens but I came across some gorgeous pictures of tiny subjects, sometimes flowers, sometimes insects ... And I got the itch for Macro... Now lots of you probably already know the price tag for a Macro lens, but I didn't... When I realized that the lens would cost more than my camera kit I had to find a alternative...After a bit of research I found that the Macro can be done with Extension tubes.

Step 1: Finding the Extension Tubes.

Again, I researched for the best price and found them online at DealeExtreme for less than $20. Order came in quickly and I was able to start to experiment. Now Extension tubes can be used with different lens and can be use separately or all together. For Macro you'll need a telephoto and all the tubes. I did tested the 2 kit lens with all the tube combination possible to figure this out.

Now the auto focus of your lens will not work therefore I would recommend to go out and try your skill out on static subjects first to get the hang of it. I would also like to mention that it is a lot of weight on your camera and when you zoom and extend the lens it is a good idea to carry the weight of the lens instead of letting the whole weight on the camera.

Step 2: Be Patient...

Since the focus will not work you should be aware that you will probably, most likely, take over a 100 to 200 pictures. And they will not all going be good.. So go out there will a lot of patience and enjoy the time. If you don't get the bee picture on the first time, don't worry, the'll come back all day long.. I even had a very nice conversation with my neighbor all the while taking those pictures.

Step 3: Editing Your Pictures

I'll reinstate that i'm no pro... I used the editing program included in my kit to adjust the colors to my liking, Mostly contrast and the yellow..

I hope this gives you the chance to try Macro If like me your budget don't allow for a Macro lens..

Thanks for reading this through..

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