Introduction: Magazine Wallet


~ Magazines or newspapers 
~ A ruler
~ Regular scotch tape
~ Double sided tape 
       - The sticky double sided squares are the best
~ Scissors
~ Mod Podge or decoupage 
~ Two buttons (1 small, 1 big)
~ String
~ Hot glue gun
*You can use an old credit card or something to make the creases better 

Step 1: Finding Your Magazines

You want to make sure that you have bright and colorful magazines, unless you would rather use plain ones then that is ok with me! Just use what you have or what you want.

~ Tear out about 10 of the most colorful pieces you want to use for your wallet

Step 2: Using Your Colorful Papers....

Take your colorful pages and:
~ Fold them (without cutting them) into a 4in by 8in rectangle
      - By not cutting it, it makes the paper stiffer
~ Make three of these pieces
~ Flip them over to the "ugly side" and tape the lose parts down

Now leave these for a little bit later

Step 3: The Flap

1. ~ Fold the paper so it is 8 inches across (make sure you fold in the shorter of the ends)
    ~ Fold the bottom up an inch
             - Tape all of the folds down
2. Now take one of the rectangles from the last step and fold the bigger paper over that.
     - This creates the flap

The pictures help some if you need to see them

Step 4: Edging Pieces

~ Cut out 7 to 8 pieces of paper that are 1 inch wide
~ fold these in half  (the longer sides together)

    -These are what you are going to use to edge your wallet

Step 5: Making the Side.....and Edging It

1. ~ Take 2 of the rectangles you made in step 2 and tape them ugly sides together

2. ~Take the strips you just made in step for and put them around the edges of the rectangles   
        - It helps if you do the smaller ends first (That is what I should have done and realized it after I'd finished)
        - If it helps any I used three strips on one rectangle 

Step 6: Starting the Inside of the Wallet

Sorry if this part is confusing ahead of time:

~ Take another piece of paper and fold it in half
     - Then fold it so that it just fits inside the rectangles you just stuck together and edged in step 5
          -(Pick the side you don't want to show)

Step 7: The Card Pockets

~ Now we are going to make your credit card/ library card/ gift card/ whatever card you got pockets

~ I made these a little different than regular card pockets....I turned mine into rows
          - The height of the row (for mine) is 1 1/2 in. You can make your bigger or smaller if you want
          - The length of the row should just fit inside the rectangle you just put on in step 6

~ When you fold it make sure you don't cut it. The ends that you fold create the bottom that keeps the cards in and from sliding out the sides.

~ Now you make two more
    - If you want you can make more, I am not sure how many you can squeeze in there though

(There isn't exact measurements because its different depending how you want yours to turn out)

Step 8: To Attach the Pockets...

~ Double side tape them on the back
    - If you keep the card in the pocket when you stick it down it lets you know where the card's top will be at.

Step 9: Now for the Other Side!

1. ~ Take the other rectangle you made in step 2 and the flap you made in step 3 and tape them ugly sides together

2. Now take the 1in. strips and edge the bottom three sides
           - Leave the flap alone for now

Step 10: $$$ the Money Pocket $$$

~ For this pocket:
          - It will be made kind of like the card rows except bigger for all of your money.
                   - Mine is about 3 inches deep. 
                           - you can make it anywhere from 2 1/2 in. to 3 1/2 inches 
            - You can make this pocket taller or shorter than your bills depending on if you like to see the tops of your bills or not. Whatever floats your boat!

    - Fold this so that it just fits inside the rectangle

Step 11: The Flap

~ Fold one edge over and then the other ( Picture shows it better )

~ Now we are going to edge the flap!
        - Take one of your few strips left and tape it along the edge of the flap

Step 12: Putting the Two Pieces of the Wallet Together

~Take the two pieces (Make sure that they are both are facing the correct direction or your money or cards will fall out) and tape them together along the bottom
~ Then add a edging strip along the bottom of the two pieces

Step 13: Button Clasp and Decoupage/mod Podge

Take two buttons you rather like and hot glue them:
~ The first button need to have a piece of good, tough string tied to it. Then you need to poke a small hole through the area you are going to glue the button.
       ~Before you glue on the second button fold the flap and find where it stops and put the second button on the rectangle just under the flap

Wrap the string around the two buttons to hold it shut. If you would rather put Velcro, or use a different way to close this, go ahead and use your own imagination!

For the decoupage you glue all over the magazine being very careful not to glue the card rows and the  bill pocket shut. It helps to do the buttons first before you decoupage it; otherwise the hot glue doesn't stay on very well

Step 14: Your Finished!

Congratulations on finishing your wallet! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it. If you have any questions just ask me and I will do my best to answer them for you. This is my first Instructable so I am not sure if I got everything down or not.

Just to let you know:
This is not the most durable wallet. It can rip after a while of using it so be careful with it. I use mine all the time and I am probably not the best at keeping things I use a lot in one piece. Hopefully yours stays strong and doesn't rip!