Introduction: Maggot Infested Skin (Trypophobia) Doctor Costume

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Trypophobia is the phobia you never knew you had, until now! Trypophobia is a proposed phobia (intense, irrational fear) of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps. Add in some maggots and this costume is more disgusting than any wound you've ever seen. What's worse than someone being infested with maggots that eat holes in your flesh? That person being your doctor, that's what! Read along and I will show you how to make this spine tingling, nauseating, and utterly creepy costume!

What you need:

  • Spirit Gum
  • Scar wax
  • Lotion
  • Foundation
  • Flat tool (or fingers)
  • Dotting tool
  • Small brush
  • Dark purple eye shadow
  • Fake Blood
  • Liquid Latex

For Bruising (optional):

  • Purple eye shadow
  • Bronzer
  • Red Face paint

For Costume:

  • Scrums/lab coat
  • Stethoscope

Step 1: Apply Glue and Wax

Decide where your infestation is going to go. You want to avoid places that bend a lot such as finger creases. You can however do it on the large part of your palm just below your thumb. I have pictures of that later on. Here we are going to apply the holes to the face.

Apply a layer of Spirit Gum to your desired location and let it dry until tacky. You want to make it slightly larger than your desired shape of the holes. You need to spread out the wax to make it blend, and that area needs glue to hold the wax in place.

Dip the tip of a flat tool into some lotion to help prevent the wax from sticking and remove the desired amount. Apply some lotion to your fingers and work the wax into your desired shape. I put a blob of lotion out for this. You will need to keep using lotion throughout the entire process.

Apply the wax to the tacky glue. Gently blend the edges of the wax into the skin using a lotion coated flat tool or lotion coated fingers. Make sure you re-lotion your tool/finger often, and take your time with this process. The better you blend, the more realistic it will look.

Once you have all the edges blended down, apply foundation over the entire face to even out the skin tone.

Step 2: Making the Holes

This is where it starts getting creepy!!

Dip your dotting tool into the lotion and wipe off large amounts of access onto your fingers. Make one hole in the center of your design. Slightly roll the tip around to form the hole and pull it straight out. Make a circle of holes around the center hole in the same fashion. Make sure to dip the dotting tool before each hole. Keep repeating this until the entire section is covered in spine cringing holes.

Dip a small brush into dark purple eye shadow and gently paint the inside of the center holes. This will give the illusion of dept in the holes. Leave the edges plain.

Dip the brush into fake blood and fill each hole with the blood.

Step 3: Add Bruising (Optional)

Using "bruise" purple eye shadow, dab some color around the edges, and gently on top of the infestation. Make sure to avoid shimmery colors, they won't work. You need to make sure your colors are matte. You can add red and bronzer around the edges for a more realistic look. Gently fade the colors together.

Step 4: Maggots

Paint a rectangle of liquid latex onto a smooth mat. I used the plastic coated back of a place mat. Once it's fully dry, roll the latex up into a strip using your finger.

Cut the strip into small maggots and insert maggots into random holes on the face to finish the look!

Step 5: Finished Product

Here you have the finished product on the palm of a hand (no bruising) and on the cheek (with bruising.)They are both absolutely disgusting!!!

Throw on some scrubs or a lab coat,grab a stethoscope, and go creep people out at your Halloween party!

I hope you were totally creeped out by this instructable! And, sorry for your new phobia! Make sure to vote for this nasty thing in the Halloween and Glue contests!!

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