Introduction: Magic 8 Card Trick

Make four 8's appear!

With the choices your audience makes allow 4 of the same cards to appear on 4 different piles and blow your audience away!


You will need a deck of cards

Step 1: SETUP - Ensure That Your Deck Is Complete

The very first part of the setup is to make sure your deck is complete (the jokers are not needed).

Step 2: SETUP - Remove All Eights From the Deck

You must remove all 8's from the deck (clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades).


Step 3: SETUP - Place the Eights in the Following Positions


8 1: Place your first 8 at the top of the deck while the deck is faced down.

8 2: Count 9 cards of the deck and place your second 8 at the tenth position. Make sure to keep your first 8 at the top.

8 3&4: Turn the deck around with the cards now faced up. Count 7 off the top and place the final two 8's on the 8th and 9th position.

Step 4: Make a Prediction

You are finished with your setup. The rest you can show to your audience. Remember the card you placed at the tenth position from the top? This is your prediction card.

You tell your audience that you will make a prediction. Count 10 from the top (DON'T COUNT OUT LOUD!) and remove the tenth card. Put this face down on the table.

Step 5: Half and Half

Turn the deck around and start laying cards down on the table one by one.

While laying the first few cards down explain that the spectator must say stop when they think you have laid half the cards down. Make sure your spectator says stop AFTER you have put the two 8's at the bottom on the table.

place both decks face down on the table

Step 6: Magicians Choice

The next step is called magicians choice. You ask the spectator which pile they like best NOT INCLUDING THE PREDICTION. If they choose the top half this is perfect flip over the top card. if they choose the bottom half give them this half and say "hold onto that you will have to do something with that later." Then flip over the top card of the top deck.

As you placed one of the 8's there it should be an eight.

Step 7: Make 4 Piles

If you have given the bottom half of the cards ask your spectator to do this step

You have just turned over the top card which is an eight. Tell your spectator: "since this top card is an eight i am going to remove 8 cards from this bottom half of the deck." Then you do this making a fourth pile.

Step 8: Flip Around Cards

Ask your spectator to flip around the top cards of each of the decks. These should all be an 8.