Introduction: Magic Hem on Jeans Easily Achieved.

This instructable ( this old person's first ) is how to shorten Jeans but keeping the original yellow thread stitched and distressed hem.

Step 1: Measure Twice...

You need to turn up your hem until it fits you... turn to the outside like a turn-up..
Now measue how much it needs to be shortened overall. then half this measurement ...
so I need 3 inches off the total length so I turn the hem and measure from the top of the hem.
in my case half of 3 inches is 1.5 inches.

Step 2: Pin and Sew

Now you need to sew either by hand with small neat stitches or with sewing machine immediately at the edge of original hem.
the machine I used was my Grandmother' machine almost 100 yrs old....!!!    A newer model will work as well..

Step 3: One Leg Re-hemmed

The first hem has been sewn... Right hand leg is Original ...
Left hand leg has been shortened by 3 inches...

Now the hard part ... 

The second leg needs to be made the same length !!!

Step 4: Both Legs Shortened

Phewww both legs are now the same length ... Success...

Step 5: Press the Hems

Now press the hems with an iron

Step 6: Both Hems Pressed

Both hems are now pressed and looking good..  

Step 7: The Perfect Length

The Jeans are now a perfect length... the excess hem was not so huge so can just be left inside in case you ever need to lengthen them again at a later time or to pass on to another person who may be taller than you...

If a huge amount was turned up you can make a cut maybe half an inch from the original hem after you have finished and just turn a normal hem but sew it to the original hem by hand stitching as you would have done if not trying to keep the original  hem.

I hope this makes sense to you and helps you to shorten your Jeans while let them stay looking as new.

Be kind please to my first Instructable  :)

Step 8: More Sewing to Do

After the jeans were worn the bulkiness of the turned up part of the hem became apparent when putting on Wellington Boots/ Galoshes/ Rubber Boots... sooo an extra step to do...

Step 9: To Combat This

I measured a half inch from the hem and carefully cut all round just through ONE layer of material...

Step 10: Now Cut Off Excess

Cutt off  to leave about 1 inch fold this in half and enclose the raw edge of where you first cut near the hem..

Step 11: Pin the Hem All Way Round

After pinning the hem to the original hem make small hemming stitches to join the two pieces.

Step 12: Neatly Hemmed

All finished... Now with less bulk... 
Next do the same process to the other leg...
was well worth the extra effort. The Jeans fit perfectly and for first time ever 
an original hem on Jeans !!! for those who are in between leg lengths can have them look original..

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