Introduction: Magic Rose Cube

In this instructable I will be showing you how to make a magic rose cube! here is what you'll need

*6 square sheets of paper (3 for petals and 3 for the leaves)
*something to crease your papers (optional)

Step 1:

If you are using double sided paper like I am here place it with the white side up and fold in half. Then, unfold.

Step 2:

Next fold the sides in to make something that looks like a little closet. Then, unfold

Step 3:

Fold the upper right corner to match the first crease as shown. Then unfold

Step 4:

Next fold lower left corner to last crease. Next make a horizontal fold on the top layer as shown. (We will be repeating this step a couple times.

Step 5:

Now fold the left side back to the right. Press the paper flat to match the left diagonal edges. Turn paper.

Step 6:

Open the top layer on the right. Then make a diagonal fold as show. Now make a horizontal fold as shown, folding the top layer only.

Step 7:

Bring the left side over to the right, to close the paper. Press the paper flat to match the left diagonal lines. Flip over paper and make two diagonal folds as shown. Crease well.

Step 8:

Make two more diagonal folds. Crease well. Then unfold the step 7. You are now done with one petal unit. Make two more.

Step 9: Now the Leaves

To start with the leaves. Do steps 1 through 5 so can start like shown. Then make a small diagonal fold on the bottom right as shown. Now fold up the bottom tip.

Step 10:

Next make a diagonal fold. Crease well and unfold. Rotate paper.

Step 11:

Open top layer on the right side. Then make a diagonal fold as shown. Make horizontal fold. Then bring left side to the right to close the paper. Flip over then make small diagonal fold on bottom right as shown.

Step 12:

Make on last diagonal fold, crease well and unfold. Make two more. Then you have your 6 units.

Step 13: Putting It All Together

First the petals. If you can see on the sides of your units there are little openings.(including the leaves) This is how you will connect the units. Let's get started.

Step 14:

You can measure up one of the flaps to checks you're doing it correctly. Now just slide it in. Do the same with the next unit.

Step 15:

Now it gets a little tricky. Insert one of the end to the other to make a little corner. you should have three flaps coming out of this.

Step 16: The Leaves

The leaves is almost the same as the petals but instead of flaps you are left with three little triangles.

Step 17: Putting Them Together

It's easier to put the petal flaps in first. it's hard to explain so try to do it by what the pictures show.

Step 18:

Now put the leaf triangles inside the petal slots. And there is your cube!

Step 19: Where's the Magic?

Here is how you can go from cube to rose. :) Just pinch the edges of the petals and take out the leaves. Enjoy!