Introduction: Magic Wand From "Star Vs. the Forces of Evil"

Hello, I am making the royal magic wand that star butterfly carries in the first few seasons of the show "Star vs. the Forces of Evil"


a paper or plastic tube, about a foot long

several large pieces of cardboard

purple paint,blue paint, dark blue paint,yellow paint, pink paint

hot glue

several sheets of white paper

6 toothpicks


Step 1: Handle Base

The first thing you have to do is make the base for the handle of the wand, take your cardboard or plastic tube and paint it pastel purple, if working on plastic you may have to do several coats. I painted it by suspending the tube from the ceiling and painting it that way so it could all dry at once, but you can also do it one side at a time.

Step 2: Base for the Head of Wand

To make the beginnings of the head of the wand first, cut four identical circles about 2 inches in radius.Then stack them one on top of the other, using hot glue to hold them in place. after that is done, wrap a stripe of paper around the outside, than two rounds of paper on the top and bottom of the circle. Secure everything with hot glue.

Step 3: The Decorative Shapes

Star's wand features 4 shapes, a crown,a heart, a butterfly, and the large star in the middle of the wand.cut the crown,star heart and butterfly out of cardboard, these should be pretty small. Cut the star out of paper, make sure that it fits in the center of your cardboard circle with about an inch an all sides. Than hot glue toothpicks on all of the points of the star. paint the heart and butterfly light blue, paint the crown and star yellow. Set these to the side for later.

Step 4: Painting

for the circular part at the top of the wand paint the entire thing purple, using the same paint that you did for The handle. once that is dry draw out the inner circle of the wand in pencil, it should only be a couple centimetres from the outer edge. Divide the inner circle evenly into 8 sections then paint every other section blue. Paint the other sections dark blue. using a small tool paint one pink heart on the border of each section in a circle formation. paint a yellow stripe dividing the purple from the inner section, paint another yellow stripe on one end of the tube you colored before.

Step 5: Wings

To make the wings that are seen at the top of the wand cut 2 shapes out of cardboard the top feather should stretch out he farthest, the wing being a sort of a rounded stairway shape. than cover both sides of each wing in white paper using hot glue.

Step 6: Assembling the Wand

first take the tube and hot glue a single toothpick longways across the bottom. the end opposite from the yellow stripe, than take your blue heart and hot glue that to the toothpick so you can see the heart poking out of the bottom.Next attach the circular part of the wand to the handle lining it up so its facing the same way as the heart. Put the butterfly on the handle of the wand just below the circle and put the crown on the top of the circle, Hot glue the star to the middle of the wand with the toothpicks facing the wand. Attach the wings to the back of the circle and your done!

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