Introduction: Magic the Gathering Dice and Counter Box

Hello Magic Fans!

This is my instructable for all of you, who love playing Magic the Gathering and want to have a unique piece of equipment on the kitchen table or at tournaments!

Its a Dice and Counterbox. (which obviously could be used for lots of other stuff) - e.g. Wedding Ring Box for Magic fans ?! ;-)

- All you need is 80 cards of Magic the Gathering (or any other Card Game)

- Woodglue

- a scroll saw, a stamp or a cutter to cut out the cards

- a drilling machine to drill the holes

- 8 tiny magnets

Step 1: Glue Together 36 Cards

Just use the woodglue to glue together ca. 36. cards (use more if you want to make the box bigger, i used about 35 to 40)

Do this 2 times, one stack is for the upper part and one stack is for the lower part of the box.

Step 2: Drill Tiny Holes

When both stacks are dry you can drill 4 tiny holes into the corners of each stack, make sure you drill them as close as possible to the corners.

Step 3: Place the Magnets Inside the Holes

use some glue to put them into the holes.

You can purchase these tiny magnets on

i dont get money for this, its just an example on which magnts you COULD use!

Step 4: Cut Out the Middle

use a scroll saw to cut out each part of the 2 box stacks.

You can also use a stamp to stamp out the cards before you glue them, or a laser cutter to cut the stacks or cards before glueing or after glueing, i used my scrollsaw, its accurate (the waves i cut result in my poor crafting skills :-P)

Step 5: Glue Together About 5-8 Cards

when they are dry, glue them on the top and on the bottom Part of the box.

Step 6: Let Them Dry

let them dry, if possible use something heavy to bring some pressure onto the complete box to stick together all the glueings :)

Step 7: FINISH!

You are ready to fill your box with whatever you like to!


- Candy for your kids

- Dices and Counters

- Wedding ring for a proposal to your magic loving partner ;-) ?

Have fun!

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