Introduction: Magician's Hat Tissue Box Cover

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Hi All.

Alright so facial tissues aren't really magical, but they can seem like it when you've got one of those real bad colds. And with this nifty thing, you can just pull them out of a hat!

This is the first "paper-craft" project I've made from scratch, so I had a lot of fun delving into the unknown and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

This project is made completely out of paper (or cardstock) and glue. You can put it together in about twenty minutes.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Tools Needed:

- Scissors

Materials Needed:

- 4x Sheets of Black Cardstock (or paper)

- 5x Sheets of White Cardstock (or paper)

- Glue Stick

I just used an Elmer's Glue Stick, but using a stronger craft glue could potentially be easier.

Step 2: Print and Cut Out

Download the template below and print it out.

You will need to print 2 copies of the Inner Box Panel sheet and the Outer Hat Panel sheet and the Small Spacer and Hat Band sheet. Also make sure you print the Hat Brim, Hat Cover, and the Outer Hat Panel on black cardstock.

After printing, cut the pieces out along the solid lines. Do not cut the dashed or dotted lines, these are used to indicate fold lines.

Step 3: Construct Inner Assembly

For the Inner Assmebly you will need to fold and glue together the Inner Box Panels and the Large and Small Spacers.

Fold outward along the dashed lines, so that the lines are visible on the outside of the fold. Fold inward along the dotted lines, so that the fold is covering the fold line.

Glue the Inner Box Panels together to form a box. Put the trapezoidal tabs on the outside of the box. Next glue the middle sections of the Spacers together so that their profiles look like T's with the trapezoidal taps forming the top of the T. Finally, glue the Spacers vertically in the center of the box's sides.

Step 4: Add the Outer Components

For this last step you will need to fold and then glue the Outer Hat Panels, Hat Brim, Hat Cover,and the Hat Band onto the Inner Assembly.

Start by folding the edges of the Outer Hat Panels and gluing them to the Small Spacers. Then fold all the tabs on the inside of the Hat Brim. Fit the Hat Brim onto the top of the Outer Hat Panels and glue the tabs in place. Once the Hat Brim is secure, place the Hat Cover on top to conceal the Inner Assembly. Lastly, glue both pieces of the Hat Band together along the dotted and dashed lines; then glue the band to the hat.

Step 5: Finished!

And there you have it! You can now install your tissues in your Magician's Hat and summon them at your will.

Thanks for reading though this post, and I hope you have a magical time with this project.


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