Introduction: MagnaSaurus! - Felt Tiny Dinosaurs That Stick to Metal

What is more useful than tiny dinosaurs with a belly full of cotton and supermagnets? These gentle felt creatures will hold notes or just keep you company.

Step 1: Materials and Patterns


Embroidery Floss in two colors - one for edging and one for the face
Cotton balls
1/4" diameter super magnet

Fabric Scissors
Tacky Glue

Step 2: Body and Face

Cut out pattern

Print and cut out the paper pattern, resize it if you want a slightly different size. Pin the pattern to your body felt and cut it out. Cut out teeth and claws in white felt.

Sew on face

Use black or a contrasting color of embroidery floss for the face on the side that will be showing. Take out two strands and stitch a french knot for the eye. With the same string, sew the nose and mouth with large stitches.

Step 3: Decorate, Sew and Stuff

Body decoration

Cut out felt pieces for body decoration and glue them to the visible side with tacky glue.

Sew and stuff as you go

Separate one strand of embroidery floss in body matching or contrasting color. Use it to stitch the two halves together with a whip stitch. Stuff each section with cotton as you go by pushing it in with a pencil eraser.

Add the fangs, claws, and tiny arms to the tyrannosaur as you go. The triceratops has a separate horn,

Be sure to insert the magnet before closing up, the cotton holds it in place.


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