Introduction: Magnet Puzzle

This is my 2nd instructable hope you like it.



7 neodymium magnets


2 paper clips

Step 1: Key

layer 2 magnets and tape

Step 2: Lock

tape a magnet to a paper clip

repeat with the other one

Step 3: Mazes

Cut 4 pieces of cardboard the size you want the safe. Draw a fake maze on one and cut out 2 coves about 2 inches deep on another. Then tape a flat to the maze cutout and insert the magnet assembly. Then tape the fake maze drawing on top.

Step 4: Box

cut out sides for box and tape to 4th square. Then tape one side of base to one side of the lid with NO paper clips. Then tape 3 magnets to bottom of the lid: 1 under the beginning of each channel and 1 in the center of the lid.

Step 5: Done!!!!

hope you like it!