Introduction: Magnetic Bit / Screw Holder for Drill / Driver

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When drilling some holes and putting in screws you often need to find a place to put the screws. Or you need to switch between drilling and screwing and don't know where to put the bit to have quick access. With this little universal attachment you can just magnetically pin them to your drill.

Two of the grooves have a diameter of 6.5mm and the other two are 4.3mm.

The curvature on the back has a radius of 35mm which fits perfectly on my Bosch drill.

What you are going to need:

  • Access to a 3D printer + Filament
  • Two round magnets (10x2mm)
  • Double sided tape

Step 1: Preparation

I printed the part standing upright. The holes for the magnets have a small tear shaped cutout on the top to prevent the top of the hole from sagging. But I would still recommend to use support for the holes in this orientation.

After the print is done, I just put the magnets in the holes and hold them in place with the backside of the double sided tape. Afterwards you can stick the hole part to your drill/driver.

Step 2: How to Use It

After attaching the part with the double sided tape, you are ready to go.

You can use it to hold screws, drill bits and screw bits. I mostly use it for screws.

Those small magnets are surprisingly strong. But of course, if you shake the drill a lot, the bits and screws can come loose. However it has worked fine for me and it's a simple mod to add functionality to your drill.

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