Introduction: Magnetic Boardgame

This is my first instructable and an experiment.

I'm real sorry but I can't add pictures.

supplies is at the bottom

STEP ONE: board

First draw the board on the big sheet of cardboard.

STEP TWO:details

Draw details such as the start and finish and special things that happen on special tiles and pictures.

STEP THREE: figures

Take your small sheet of cardboard and draw characters and cut them out. Take your glue or tape and glue a magnet to the bottom.

STEP FOUR: making the board magnetic

Take the magnets ( make sure that there are enough magnets to cover all the tiles without writing) and glue them down.

STEP FIVE: play!

Have fun!


. A large sheet of cardboard

. Pencil or pen ( I say use pencil )

. A whole bunch of magnets

. Scissors

. A small sheet of cardboard

. Glue or tape

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