Introduction: Magnetic Book Marks

Have you ever had an image that you really liked and didn't want to get rid of? Do you like to read? Are your bookmarks falling out all the time? Well here's a way to save an image, and keep your place in a book.

What You'll Need:

  1. An image you like that can be cut down to about 1 1/4 inches. (For me Star Wars!)
  2. Some kind of backing, in my case part of a folder I don't care about.
  3. 2 inch clear tape.
  4. Double sided carpet tape (more on this later).
  5. Thin magnet (more on this later)
  6. Scissors
  7. Pencil and pen (not pictured)

Step 1: Prep the Magnet

This is some magnetic paper that was marked on that was going to be thrown out. Let's reuse it! The best way I found to get as much of the paper off of the magnet is to soak it in water and then rub the paper off. If you are using the flat refrigerator magnets be sure to take the plastic cover off of it first. As you can see the magnet came out pretty well, with a small tear in it. Dry it off and set aside to dry fully.

Step 2: Cut Image and Prep Backing

So as I said the image has to be cut down to about 1 1/4 inches, that is because you need the tape to fully surround the image. In my case this isn't a problem, but some images need to be creative, and you will need a border around your image for the tape to stick.

Cut the backing so that it is the width of the tape. I put little marks on the back of the backing so I know how much to cut.

Put your image on the backing and make sure you have the backing long enough to have double the height of the image plus some for the fold you'll make, and a boarder around the image.

Step 3: Securing the Image

Now for one of the tricky parts. Position the image where you want it to be. Take the tape and pull off more than you need. Carefully lower the tape to the image and the backing, so the side with the image will go down first, just slightly. NOTE: There is a very good chance static cling will pull the image up to the tape, be ready for this and have the tape square as you lower it. Stick the side with the image down first, and press with one finger, making sure you have that boarder. Run your finger up the length of the tape in the middle, and then smooth the tape out trying not to get any air bubbles. When this is done take your scissors and trim off the tape and any backing that didn't get lined up.

The next part is simple, you fold the bookmark. Sorry for the picture my hand shook. Make sure that you square up the bottom, and when you make the fold really make sure you crease it. To make sure the crease is really set take your pen and smooth down the crease. While you're at it take the end of the pen and push down on the tape around the image on the boarder to make sure you have a secure seal.

Step 4: More Than Your Ordinary Bookmark

So now for the step that makes this more than your ordinary bookmark. You take your flat magnet and cut off a rectangle so when it is cut in half you have two squares that can fit inside of the bookmark. Cut the rectangle and make those two squares. Put those two squares together and trim the edges to make them the same.

A word about flat magnets. All magnets have North and South poles, and this includes flat magnets, but these magnets have the North and South poles in vertical (or horizontal depending on how you look at it) lines. When you put your magnets together make sure that you have both squares going in the same direction. To test this slide one magnet across the other. If the magnets seem to jump or skip you have them going in the correct direction, and then you can square them up as best you can and trim them. If they don't skip rotate one until you feel the magnets grab and that will give you the direction you need.

This next part has something I have in my craft box and can't do without. Double sided carpet tape. You can find this at your hardware store, or maybe at your local Wally-world. This is strong, thin, and rarely comes apart. I love this stuff. So I have a small roll and that is what I use to stick the squared up sandwich of magnets to. I cut and trimmed this. Then I to the sandwich and put the other side on the carpet tape. I cut and trimmed this. Now I have a magnetic sandwich with double sided tape on the outside.

Carefully take the backing off of one of the carpet tape squares, try to keep the magnets together and squared up. Stick this to the inside of the bookmark near the bottom in the middle. Carefully remove the backing on the other double sided tape, and then if the magnets shifted reposition them, but be aware the tape is very sticky and will adhere to your fingers. Points given if you remember the orientation and have the lines of North South running up and down, but it is not critical. Starting at the crease fold over the bookmark and press the other side down on the tape.

Step 5: May the Force of Magnets Be With You

There you have a magnetic book mark. You clamp it around a page and it will not fall out or slide out. I found a few things about these, you can put them where ever you want, including on the side, so you can mark where on the page you ended. If it is a homework assignment you can even put a little post-it-note on the bookmark so you don't run the risk of ripping the page. Also if you have those wallet size photos that schools give out for free when you buy way to many pictures, they work fantastically for this project.

This was my first Instructable, so if there are any comments on how to improve my sharing please feel free to comment.