Introduction: Magnetic Contraption Demonstrating the Magnetic Field

Hey so this is my first instructable and it is kind of crappy. It looks like it was made by a two year old no offense to two year olds but it’s okay. Because I won’t give up I am going to make some pretty awesome things. I will never stop trying ever. Mic drop

Step 1: Supplies

8 inch pvc pipe
2 large workplace magnets
Lid of nesquik container
4 bobby pins
1 roll of duct tape
1 paper plate

Step 2: Assembling Base

Okay so now place the pvc pipe on the nesquik container and duct tape around until secure

Step 3: Placing the Magnets

Now place one magnet around the pvc pipe and push it over the duct tape.
Take the opposing end and just drop it. It will look pretty funny and just bounce right up. Bounce what a funny word bounce bounce bounce oh also almost forgot duct tape the thing to the plate like the picture👍

Step 4: Placing the Bobby Pins

Now measure thread to the paper plate. Tie the thread on the bobby pins I guess that would make it threads no probably thread tape them to the paper plate so that the bobby pins are just floating LIKE MAGIC!! Woooowwww also place the other ones around the paper plate.

Step 5: Floating

Let them just float just float there.

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