Introduction: Spy Suit Coat

So imagine you are on a top secret mission in the Ice glaciers of the North Pole. Santa is busy dealing with Jack Frost and you are about to freeze. It’s a good thing you have a built in flamethrower in your spy jacket. Need to shave some wood no problem you have your handy extendable knife. Going through a dark ice cave? Good thing you have your light up bow tie!!!!
I hope this helps bring you one step closer to being your inner spy.


Old suit coat
Cap headlight
A.A. power container
Old white ribbon
Old knife
A can of Pam cooking spray
A hot glue gun
Clip on flower
Velcro ribbon

Step 1: Taking Core Out of Headlamp

Now simply take the core out of the headlamp

Step 2: Making Expandable Knife

Separate knife blade from body. Tie rope to knife. Trace the outline of knife on cardboard and glue those pieces together with two pieces in between. Push rope through a small hole near the top of the cardboard.

Step 3: Knife in the Coat

Take a button off of suit coat sleeve and make a hole. Loop rope through and attach to button. And glue inside suit coat sleeve.

Step 4: Bow Tiem Get It

Now connect two wires to A.A. container and connect those to where the negative and positive wires used to be in the headlamp to the core.
Place the core on the ribbon and glue to form a bow tie around the core. Attach Velcro to ribbon and place A.A. container

Step 5: He Loves Me He Loves Me Not

Rip pedals off of flower

Step 6: Flamethrower

Place Pam in pocket and measure to where the cap is. Make a hole And push the top of Pam can through. Glue pedals around.

Step 7: Enjoy

Enjoy your freaking awesome suit coat now you are prepared for this mission into the north pole

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