Introduction: Drawing With Nothing But a Magnifying Glass

So I created this drawing to show the power of the sun and one of the things it can do to create something beautiful


Wooden board
White paint (optional)
Magnifying glass

Step 1: Making a Rough Draft

So I drew my first draft and then tried out the different sections improving and choosing what I liked most and then I sketched my final draft after improving each part

Step 2: Choosing Your Board

So I actually cut my board with a hand saw from a board that was thrown away, but you can use any size any shape to create this art

Step 3: Painting the Board

This is optional but I thought that it would make it look cooler and in my opinion it did, but it's totally your choice I just painted it white and let it dry in the sun

Step 4: Making the Outline

So after dried sketch your drawing on the wood with a pencil

Step 5: Start Burning!!

Now bring your magnifying glass to the right amount of distance from the board until the light is at its smallest point and trace your outline

Step 6: Finish

After you trace your drawing admire your artwork. I smudged mine a little to make the fire look more like fire. Thank you for reading my instructable it really means alot Have a great day!!!

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