Introduction: Magnetic Jack-o-Lantern Puzzle

Back when I was a preschool teacher my students and I would create large murals and get real messy with paint. They were naturally drawn to the easel, but what they loved more were puzzles... and blocks, but we won't be needing those today. With this instructable, you will learn how to create your own magnetic puzzle and have a little bit of fun with paint. Actually, that part is optional, but if you plan on making this with your students or your children I highly suggest you allow them to paint. The messier the better!


-Adhesive magnetic sheets

-Paper or foam sheet*




-Your choice of acrylic paint. I am using yellow, red, green, and black.

-Optional: Glue, x-acto knife, pencil, chalk or charcoal

*I used foam, but it did not stick to the magnetic sheets very well… woops.

I suggest you use glue to make sure they stick properly or use a different material. If you choose to go with paper I suggest you use makers to draw on it because paint may cause it to wrinkle.

Step 1: Drawing Your Shape

-Cut your foam sheet so that it is the same size as your magnetic sheet.

-Then stick the magnetic sheet to your foam and draw your shape. (If you find that they are not sticking together, go ahead and use glue)

This instructable will show you how to create a Jack-o-Lantern puzzle, but feel free to create any shape you'd like. If you are making this puzzle with young children don't worry about perfection let them be creative and as messy as they'd like. It might not end up being a Jack-o-Lantern, and that's okay.

Step 2: Paint Your Pumpkin (optional)

-Since our foam is orange this step is optional. However, if you would like to add texture to your puzzle got ahead and paint it.

-In order to create different shades of orange, I mixed red and yellow acrylic paint. With these colors, I am able to give my pumpkin highlights and shadows. Again feel free to use any color you want.

If painting is not your thing, don't worry, just move on to step 3

Step 3: Add a Stem

-Once your paint has dried, cut out your pumpkin shape.

-Using the left-over magnetic sheet create a stem. Don't forget to paint it!

-Trace the bottom of your stem on the pumpkin and cut that out. This way your stem will fit in place.

Your puzzle should have two pieces now.

Step 4: Give Your Jack-o-Lantern a Face

-Draw a face on your pumpkin to create a Jack-o-Lantern.

Make it as scary or silly as you would like.

Get creative!!

Step 5: Creating Puzzle Pieces

-Use your marker or black paint to fill in the shapes you created

I used yellow paint to add a slight highlight to the eyes and mouth in order to create the illusion of depth.

-Then take your marker or a piece of chalk to draw the lines where you would like to cut your puzzle pieces.

Step 6: Cut, Cut, Cut

-Go ahead and carefully cut out the pieces and the puzzle is done.

Now it is ready for the fridge!

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