Introduction: Magnetic Revolve Holder for Chalks or Pens

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Here another one relater to the "classroom organization" instructable, appeared after the Pencils-2go-Holder , it also could be made from environment friendly PLA plastic.

Here is a chalks/pens holder for the magnetic boards. This was designed for kids, who, as you may know, always looking for something to spin or interact with, that is why this holder is revolved. It can fit 7 chalks/markers and has spaces for 5 neodym magnets, that have enough power to keep the loaded holder steady. Also, there are 2 holes, if you prefer screws or your board is not magnetic, it could be fixed with the screws to the frame of your chalkboard/whiteboard. Holder has tilted base (75˚), to prevent the chalks/pens from falling off, also it has vent holed, so dust from the chalks won't stay inside of the holder.


• 5 x 5mm diameter and 4mm deep neodym magnets

• 3D printer or a friend with it

Step 1: Print Parts

Print given STL models on the the 3D printer with no supports and 0.2 layer hight.

NOTE: This holder can fit chalks/pens, up to the 14mm in diameter, if you decide to upscale or downscale the models, make sure that you have suitable magnets for it.

Step 2: Assembly

• Insert the magnets on their placed with a small amount of force, applied to them. There is no need to apply any glue, sticky tape or something like this, rooms for the magnets are designed to hold them with no glue.

• Snap the revolve part of the holder onto the base and all done.

Thank you for reading and Happy Teaching!

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