Introduction: Magnetic Tool Wristband

Building computers can be hard, keeping track of all the small screws and precision screwdrivers. Rather than a cup or a belt, why not keep all your screwdrivers and screws on your wrist?


-Metal from Any Source (used Perforated Cooking Pan)

-Electrical Tape

-Magnets(taken from "Magnetic Tins" from Dollar Tree)

-Metal Snips

-Cutting Tool for Tape

-Metal File

Step 1: Cutting the Sheet

Sheet metal can make for a good bracelet, so cut the sheet long enough to wrap around your wrist and wide enough to attach a magnet of choice.

Step 2: Dealing With Sharp Edges

Because cuts on the wrist are not comfortable in the least, grind down the edges with a file or bend back the edges with pliers, and don't forget to cut the corners to round edges!

Step 3: Bending and Applying Magnets

Apply even force across the plate to form it into the shape of your wrist. Add magnets using adhesive. I took my magnets from dollar store magnetic containers, and I needed to use both from the pack to get the enough force.

Step 4: Finishing Notes

If your magnets are not yet strong enough to hold a screwdriver, wrapping a piece of tape sticky side out can give your wristband extra grip. If you make the wristband out of metal like I did, then you could feasibly ground yourself by connecting the band via alligator clip to a power supply plugged in and switched off. Remember not to switch on the power supply while you are connected to avoid electrocution. Have fun with the Tool Wristband!

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