Introduction: Magnets From Broken Headphones

 In this I will show you how to get to pretty powerful magnets from a pair of broken headphones.

Step 1: What You Need

 All you really need is a hammer, but some kind of sharp knife, like an exacto knife, could be useful if you want to cut the wires. 

Step 2: Headphones

 I used a pair of Skullcandy headphones that had broken. I don't if it works for all kinds of headphones, but it probably will work if it is the kind that goes into your ear.

Step 3: Getting in the Headphone

 I couldn't think of another way to crack open the headphone, so I just smashed it with a hammer. (Don't hit it to hard, just untill you can get all the plastic off the top part)

Step 4: Inside the Headphone

 When you get the headphone cracked open, theres should be a little round thing. Take that out and take off the little disc covered in really thin paper. Under that should be the magnet. (sorry for the bad picture quality, I took them with my iPhone)

Step 5: TA-DA! MAGNETS!!!

 Now you should have at least 1 magnet! ( if you only did this to 1 headphone) Like I said in the intro, these are pretty strong magnets, so have fun!