Introduction: Magni-Go-Round

This project is simple to make and fun to watch. Who doesn't like playing with magnets?

Step 1: Materials

For this project you'll need:

1. a wooden dowel

2. a small motor

3. one large ring magnet

4. three small ring magnets

5. a cup

6. small bottle lid

7. a battery (may need to test voltage)

8. a ringstand with clamp

Step 2: The Dowel

Cut dowel into three pieces, one about 2/3 the length of your ring stand, one the length of the center of your large ring magnet to the inside edge of a small ring magnet attached to the large one, and one about 3 inches.

Step 3: The Dowel (continue)

Place the long dowel in the cup and drill a hole through the side of the dowel 1 inch above the top of the cup. Then with the dowel that's going to stick outward drill a hole through the center of the dowel about a quarter inch in on each side. The 3 inch dowel just drill a hole 3/16 of an inch from top of the dowel and drill though the side.

Step 4: Assembly

Stick motor in hole at top of the long dowel. Screw the two small dowels together, then screw that piece to long dowel. Glue small cap to the bottom of cup. Place small magnets on outside of large magnets. Then place large magnet on top of the cup and put dowel into the small cap at the bottom of the cup and in one of the small ring magnets.

Step 5: Using Magni-Go-round

Try different voltage batteries based on your motor to find voltage that pushes magnets but not so fast that they stick together