Introduction: Maintaining Good Mental Health While Working From Home

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Hope you are doing well.

Times have become really different and difficult from what we’d ever imagined. Most of us (fortunate enough to have a job) are working from home because that is the only solution we have. BUT... while doing it, we shouldn’t compromise our mental health, which indeed needs extra care until we are going through this.

So, I am listing down a few things that can be done easily and can help you to a great extent.


  1. Motivation
  2. Little efforts
  3. Hope!

And you’re good to go

Step 1: Avoid Watching News for a Long Time

Being updated with the precautions and rules laid by the government is important but watching the news till a point where it makes you hopeless is the last thing that you would want to do during this time.

Rather, watch movies/series to lighten up your mood. Even a cartoon from your childhood can make you feel so good.

Step 2: Make a ‘To-Do’ List and Try to Follow It

When you write down your tasks and strike them off as you complete them, it gives you a sense of achievement and make you feel good about yourself.

Step 3: Keep Your Work Place Organised

You might be working on a table or a corner in your room or the bed itself, try to keep it clean and organised. Keep that region well lit. It actually makes you want to sit and work.

Messy tables/corners affect your mind even when you don’t realize it.

Step 4: Feel Good About What You’re Doing and Give It Your Best Shot

Self-appreciation is the key! When you start feeling good about your work, you make efforts which in turn makes you want to work and be satisfied with what you do.

No matter what you do, if you start appreciating your work, you’ll feel good about it.

Step 5: ​ Don’t Ignore Your Physical Health

Many of us are surviving on stored food products. So, taking out 30-45 minutes for exercising will turn out to be a wonderful for us. You can do Yoga, Cardio, Zumba, dancing, or what so ever suits you more. You do not need any equipment for these and there are enough videos on online platforms available for free.

It keeps your body active and hence increases your efficiency.

Step 6: Make Your Hobby Your Baby

If you already had something that you really enjoyed doing and it can be done inside your home, then it is the best time to put yourself back to it.

If you cannot find one, then there are millions of things that you can start learning today and are available free or with minimal charges on online platforms.

Giving 30 minutes to your hobbies gives you self-satisfaction.

Step 7: ​Keep Matters Sorted With People

The times are rough and everyone is going through a lot. So, try to be a bit more compassionate.

Getting into fights with anyone will mess your head and affect you really bad.

But if you get into one, try to sort it out as soon as possible. You will feel much better.

Step 8: ​Let Your Emotions Out

This is the most important thing that you need to do. Do not keep things bottled up inside you.

· Write journal

· Talk to your family/ friends

· Sit alone for 15-20 minutes and express your emotions.

Step 9: ​Be Hopeful!

You are witnessing a tragic and rough period of time. You can go through it and when it is over, the pleasure will be immeasurable.

At last, be thankful for the day and be proud of yourself. Pray for those who are fighting more difficult battles like healthcare workers, police personnel, under-privileged, sick people, those who lost their jobs, etc. Try to help whoever you can.


These were a few things that i tried and felt like sharing. Hope this makes a difference to you too.

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