Introduction: Make 360 Degree Panoramas in 5 Clicks !

In very few steps - no registration, no fee, no software to download or install - you will learn how to impress your friends with stunning online 360 panoramas.
The whole process shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes.

Step 1:

Take a photo, then turn around your camera and take another one.
You can turn indifferently from right to left or the opposite.

Step 2:

Keep a part (20-30%) of the previous photo visible while shooting the other one.
You can stop after two or three shots, or go on to make a full 360 degrees panorama.

Step 3:

Now plug your camera in your computer.
Open the online panorama software (you need the latest version of Flash, if you don't have it, follow the instructions provided to install it), and click on "Browse for pictures" button.

Step 4:

Select your pictures from your camera folder, and click on "Open".

Step 5:

In less than 5 seconds your panorama is created.
You can hide the dialog window and navigate using the mouse or the arrows icons. Try the extreme right icon, it provides an impressive fullscreen immersive view.
To have the dialog window back, just click on the minimized icon on the upper right corner of the image.

Step 6:

You can save your work on your hard drive by clicking on "Save large image" button.

Step 7:

You can also upload your panorama on Dermandar server in order to share it on the web.
For that, click on "Upload" button, another dialog window will appear.
You will be able to give a name to your panorama and tag it with any keywords.

Step 8:

You will be invited to "geot-tag" your panorama : it means to select the place where you have taken the pictures on the world map.

Step 9:

The panorama has finished uploading, so you are done and your panorama will appear on the world map. You can view it on Dermandar main page.

Step 10:

By visiting the gallery, you will be able to browse other panoramas, but also share yours through the social networks. You are provided with a link and a piece of code if you would like to insert (embed) the panorama inside your blog.

Step 11:

That's all folks.
If you have a Facebook account, you can create private panoramas post them on your friends'wall and share them through your profile page.