Introduction: Make a Beamer Vs3

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This is the Beamer Vs3, the standard pistol of the Vanu Sovereignty in Planetside 2. Weird lookin huh? But, I promise you it's a fun build and at the end of it, you'll be very happy with how cool it looks. So let's get goin!

Step 1: What You're Going For

So here's what you're going for. Look at it, memorize it, know it. If you see something like this at the end of the day, thumbs up.

Step 2: Cut It Out!

The first step is to cut it out of the wood. I drew he shape of it freehand, then sawed it out with my jigsaw using 1 inch pine for the wood. To make the circle, which by the way is a side-loading magazine, cut out the circle, then cut it in half so you get 2 half inch circles. Drill a hole in the frame, then cut one of the circles to fit the drilled hole. Glue the two circles together and there you go, you got a magazine. Before you move on, shave the corners of the prop a bit and sand.

Step 3: Make Some Fins

On the side of he Beamer vs3 are some fins that overlap each other. I chose to make these from cardboard since cardboard is easy to shape. Start with the back, and hot glue the fins to the frame, moving your way to the front. Use the pictures to guide you.

Step 4: Cap It Off and Sight It Up

Cut out a cap to fill the space in the front and fashion some iron sights out of cardboard. I've included a sight picture to help.

Step 5: Build Up the Magazine

Add a smaller circle of cardboard to the magazine and stick a piece of tape across then another perpendicular to the first. Do this over the gaps until you have covered the whole magazine.

Step 6: Add Some Plates

Make and add some cardboard plates to the frame to correspond with the pictures.

Step 7: Bask in Your Glory! (so Far...)

Here I have included some pictures of the prop before painting. You're almost done!

Step 8: Spray Paint Time.

Start by coating the frame with flat black, then mask off the upper frame and spray the lower satin granite. Spray the magazine with some krylon chrome.

Step 9: Paint the Magazine

Start with a circle of purple then make a green loop. The Vanu Symbol is shown in the next step.

Step 10: Final Touch Ups

Using a narrow felt pen or sharpie, draw scales on the purple areas at the top of the frame. Use a thicker marker to make outlines where needed. Paint the Vanu symbol,( an equilateral "Y") in blue.

Step 11: Bask in Your Glory. ( for Real This Time)

This completes my tutorial on making a Beamer vs3 replica. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and please feel free to comment and ask questions if you like. Thanks for viewing.

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