Introduction: Make a Flexible Cam Holder!!!

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Watch as I show you How I Made a Flexible Cam Holder... Total Cost was Under Six Dollars and The Results are Amazing... CHECK IT OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Click Here For The Instructional Video!!!

Step 1: Materials!!!

  • For this Project I needed a Cheap Goose Neck Lamp, So I went to the Thrift Store and Purchased on for 5 USD.

*I also needed a Bolt and Nut which I bought at the hardware store.

You will need a screwdriver and some Tape

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Step 2: Take Apart!!!

  • I began by removing the light bulb from the socket.
  • Inside the socket I found two screws, which I removed which allowed me to take off the socket
leaving two loose wires.

  • Next Up I Unscrewed the Head from the Lamp.
  • I found a metal stand which was used to Hold the light bulb socket. I took that off as well.

Step 3: Drilling and Rewiring!!!

  • On top of the Metal Stand I drilled a hole big enough for the BOLT.
  • I put the Stand back on the Lamp.
  • There were two loose wires, so I Solder them back to the light bulb socket.
(some hot Glue might be needed- or a Soldering Iron)

  • I relocated the socket, Below the Metal Stand and Used some tape to hold it in Place.

Step 4: Finishing Up!!!

  • I took the Bolt and Began to screw it on the Metal Stand (From Bottom Going To Top)

  • Used the Nut To Secure it on.

  • Last Step is To Mount My CamCoreder on to My New CAM HOLDER

Step 5: RESULTS!!!!

Many Goose Neck Lamps vary in Shapes and Sizes, but now you get the idea on how to make your own 'FLEXIBLE CAM HOLDER" .

Below you can see many way ways you can use your Cam Holder.
These are some Examples of how you can use the Flexible Cam Holder.

Have Fun Making it.

Check out the Instructional Video