Introduction: Make a K'nex Easter Egg Basket!

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It's Easter again!

This is one of the most rushed and excited mornings you can remember having in a long time. The kids are anxiously running back and forth throughout the house, eagerly awaiting the family departure to the nearest Easter Egg Hunt grounds. So far, everything is going as planned-until you realize that one of your children doesn't have an Easter Basket!

Being a good parent, you wouldn't want your child to go to an egg hunt with nothing but a lowly plastic bag, while all the other kids-including their siblings-have fancy colorful containers that they can carry around with pride. Luckily, I am here to help! Sneak into the playroom and find that big box of K'nex that you bought for the kids last Christmas. Why, you ask? Because using objects as rudimentary as K'nex, you can create a stunningly original egg basket that will have all other egg hunters glaring with envy!

You have the K'nex, and I have the instructions, so let's start building!

Step 1: Pieces

To build the K'nex Easter Basket, you will need:

-14 White Connectors
-12 Yellow Connectors
-32 Green Connectors
-12 Red Connectors
-8 Orange Connectors
-6 "Y" Connectors
-4 Green Bendy Rods
-9 Yellow Rods
-4 Orange Bendy Rods
-4 Blue Rods
-30 White Rods
-64 Green Rods
-4 Grey Separators
-8 Blue Separators

Approximately one half-hour will be needed to complete this build.

Step 2: Base

Connect five white connectors using green rods. Next, add four white rods. Finally, attach four red connectors using green rods.

Step 3: Frame

Connect two green connectors using green rods. Repeat to get twelve pieces total, and connect them to the base using green rods. Add eight yellow rods to the frame, leaving four green pieces to attach to four white rods as depicted.

Step 4: Sides; Part One

Connect a yellow connector and a white connector using a green rod. Make another identical piece, and combine the two connector pairs using white rods. Attach one red connector to the side piece using green rods. Add two white rods as shown, and repeat to get four side pieces total. Attach the sides to the frame of the basket using green rods.

Step 5: Sides; Part Two

Connect two green connectors using green rods. Add one more green rod and a "Y" connector. Also, connect a blue rod to a yellow connector, and slide the blue rod through the green piece as shown. Repeat to get four identical pieces, and connect to the rest of the basket using green rods.

Afterwards, attach four orange bendy rods to the sides of the basket by bending them through the holes in the yellow connectors mentioned in the above paragraph. It helps to bend the rods before attaching, and rotating the rods into place makes connecting much easier.

Step 6: Handle; Part One

Slide one grey separator and two blue separators onto each vertical blue rod at the corners of the basket body. Next, add four orange connectors, one on each blue rod. Finally, attach a green bendy rod to each orange connector.

Step 7: Handle; Part Two

Attach two white rods to a white connector. Then, add four orange connectors and two "Y" connectors as shown. Also, connect two red connectors using a white rod, repeating to get two pieces. Attach the pieces to the "Y" connectors on the center piece as shown. Add a yellow rod to the handle piece, and attach the handle to the rest of the basket by connecting the ends of the four green bendy rods to the central white connector.

Step 8: Done!

Now you are free to enjoy your Easter festivities with your kids! All you have left to do is jump in the car and head to that Egg Hunt! I'm sure you will find loads of delicious candy, and maybe even a few other surprises! You may even get to pet a bunny!

Happy Easter!

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