Introduction: Make a Mini Double-Shot Knex Bow & Arrow

Note: Be nice this is my first.
This bow shoots from 10 to 25 feet.
Its simple and easy to make.
It has 2 sides for a double shot and easy to hold!

Step 1: The Repeated &amp; the New, Pretty Much What You'll Need

What youl need is:

Step 2: The Glue? Glue.. Its Just Doubled!

Yes a double..... but dont do that right now... look at this...I SAID LOOK AT THIS!!! Okay.. nowtake the 4 way crosser(interseption...the green thing!) put 2 meduim rods in it.. where you ask? 1... at the first clip....2. at the 3rd clip!

Step 3: Doubled or Troubled?

Double it now with small Piece....+++++ Make another L shaped one.

Step 4: What It Should Look Like....and What to Do

Make sure that its on good;;;; read notes on pictures

Step 5: Step 5 Is About Hard Work and Dedication...not Really... Its Easy

Choose. Stupidly hard or Amazingly easy! for the bottom

Step 6: R U Ready for Some Hot ACTION!?!? *results May Vary*

Your almost there Just need a darn rubber band!!!!!!!! oH... THERE! Now how do I get this on? (SIMPLE>>>>LOL<<<<

Step 7: Finish: Optional.....Or You Can SHOOT IT!

Make an arrow.... longg gray rod + orange connector+arrow of fun! Optional...add a gray rounded clip to add a tip! LOL rymes...This knex creation is great for the left and right handed!