Introduction: Make DIY Fairy Doll House From Plastic Ball!

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Is your angel looking for a house for her doll? Why look for the expensive ones when you can make one at your own home! Yes, all you need to have is an unwanted plastic ball which would be helpful in giving her fairy doll a house.

So, are you ready to use some of the unwanted waste products to make a house for her doll? Here is what you need to gather and do.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Plastic ball
  • Cello tape cardboard
  • Fevicryl clay
  • PVC pipe piece
  • Acrylic colors
  • Toothpick and comb
  • Piece of metal

Here is the process of making this beautiful fairy dollhouse from a plastic ball.

Step 2: Let's Take a Plastic Ball, Cup & Sand!

  • Take a plastic ball, a plastic cup,and sand. Place the sand in the plastic cup. And apply glue on the edges of the plastic cup. Stick the plastic ball on the plastic cup.

Step 3: Let's Take Cello Tape Cardboard!

  • Now take 2 cello tape cardboards. Cut two of the cardboard cello tapes into half. Apply glue to the edges of the cardboard cello tape and stick it to the side of the plastic ball. Similarly, apply glue on the other cardboard cello tape and stick it beside the first one. Likewise, stick all the three cardboard pieces on the plastic ball, covering all three sides. One door and 2 windows.

Step 4: Let's Make Roof!

  • Now take cardboard strips with measurements 1 x 4 inches. Remove the outer side of the cardboard strips. Apply the strips on the top side of the ball covering the top like a roof. For this, place the strips one on the other to form a roof.
  • Now take small half inch cardboard strips and remove the outer side of the cardboard. Stick the half inch strips on the side of the roof like cardboard.

Step 5: Let's Make a Chimney!

  • Now take a PVC pipe piece. Stick the small piece on the top of the roof to give the roof a chimney like a look.

Step 6: Let's Make Design on Curved Cello Tape Cardboard!

  • Now take some fevicryl clay and stick it by properly spreading it on the sides of the curved cello tape cardboards. Now using a glass bottle, roll the clay properly making it flat. Stick the clay on the curved cello tape cardboard.
  • Using some water, stick the clay. Now take a comb and slide it on the clay to give it some prints. Similarly, cover all the curved cello tape cardboards.

Step 7: Let's Make a Door!

  • Now again take the clay and flatten it with a glass bottle. Cut the clay into half. Stick the strips to the sides of the curved cardboard. Now take some clay and stick in the inner portion of the strips. Using a metal sheet flatten the clay till the plastic cup.
  • Now take some water and a toothpick. Dipping the toothpick in the water make lines on the clay. Also roughly design the strips giving it a light impact.
  • Take some fevicryl clay and cut out strips from it. Stick it horizontally on the designed door. Make some round balls from the rounded clay and stick them on the horizontal strips of the door.
  • Using the clay, make a structure similar to the doorbell. Stick on the side of the door.

Step 8: Let's Make a Window!

  • Again, using the clay, make some strips out of it to make the window of the house.
  • Make balls of the clay and stick it on the plastic ball to give a brick like a look. Press the clay using your fingers to give it a proper look. Cover the entire ball this way. Using a toothpick, make lines in between for a brick-likean appearance.

Step 9: Let's Cover the Chimney!

  • Using the clay, make a hat like a look to cover the chimney of the house from the top.

Step 10: Let's Color the Craft!

  • Its time to color now! Take some acrylic colors and a paint brush. Start with the roof by coloring them brown. Cover the roof from all sides. Add black and yellow colors to give the roof a stunning look.
  • Cover the back of the house, the plastic ball, in yellow color. Similarly, color the front and sides where the ball is visible and the bricks in yellow. Add some brown color to yellow for giving it a realistic look.
  • Cover the lines on the brick with brown color. Now take blue and color the windows well. Give the blue windows white shading and the lines in clay brown.
  • Color the door brown in color or wood like acrylic color and give the designs on it a darker shade along with the doorbell. Take pink color and color the roof on the door. Add white to give it a shade.
  • Color the roofs above the windows in green. Lastly, color the chimney in red. Give the PVC pipe in brown and black color. Color the plastic cup in red color too. Give the upper side of the plastic cup a blackish shade too.

Step 11: Conclusion

  • Your fairy dollhouse is all set to play with! The house can be used in the form of a decorative piece for your daughter’s room too.