Introduction: Make Giant Druids, Ghosts, or Whatever and Projection Map Onto Them

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One of the best parts about having a Techshop in your area are the cool projects that you get to work on with your Tech-like-minded friends.  I paired up with a fellow techshop member and friend to prop up these large figures for a local Pittsburgh show.  Check em out and do something about it yourself. (Lasers Optional)

What you will need (substitute what you don't have for what does the same thing) 
I've doubled up the values needed because we made two figures, cut the numbers below in half to make one.
2x C-Stands (or t-stands, these will support the shoulders.
2x Ligting Stands (look for something tall, these will support the head)
2x Bicycle Helmets (yep these are the heads)
4x Microphone stands (these give shape to our arms, but a simple stool or kitchen chair will do.
12x Full Size White Sheets  THESE GUYS ARE 9 FEET TALL  ( I wanted to make them 14' foot, but king sized sheets are more expensive)

2x Black pieces of cloth (these keep the faces black)
2x Clips or close pins (used to bunch up certain areas)
x  As much cardboard as you want to roll up some shoulders and make some arms.

And to tie it all together
1x Roll of Gaffers tape ( you  can also use ducktape)

That's right everything is held up by Tape and Cardboard.

Optional ( If you want to projection map continue below)

1. Projector  (Amazon)  - I paid $726 on
2. 50ft HDMI Cable (Amazon)
3. Macbook Pro  (Or Any laptop), if macbook then you will need a mini display port to hdmi adapter look around they are under $20
4. Madmapper Software  ( Also look into VPT as a free alternative for both Windows and Mac )  But you will have to create the masks manually.

5. Because I perform and mix visuals live, I like to pair madmapper up with VDMX through Syphon, but to start just focus on getting the above to work first before jumping into that world.

And that's it, just watch the video to see how easily we set it up.

Video notes,
   cut cardboard to form rounded shoulders, use the helmet for the head, and mount cardboard to the mic stands to keep the arms wide and strong. Tape it all up and your done.

P.S. Sorry for some lacking video quality, when I was behind the controls I didn't have an option to capture video with the T2i, and so I'm relying on Instagram video, photos, etc.

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