Introduction: Make Great Changes in Your Life With Daily Affirmations

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Everyone has room for improvement. Maybe you have a bad habit you want to get rid of or maybe you have a goal that you wish to accomplish. Or, just maybe you want to try something different to expand your life experiences.

If any of these are the case with you, you’re at the right ‘ilbe!

This ‘ible is being written for the Humana Health by Design Contest. So if you like it, please vote for me. I’m putting over 38 years of experience into just one ‘ible (I REALLY would love that Wii!) So, sit down and read the secrets to changing your life. Hopefully, we can all become just a little better as humans and make the world a better place.

Please note, I didn’t invent the idea of daily affirmations (DA). Quite contrary, I was a major skeptic of them. Then I tried one and found that they really help and really do work. Using the DA methods, I’ve run a marathon, I’ve completed my Master’s degree, and I’m working on a book now. 

Step 1: So What Is a "Daily Affirmation?"

 I want to start out by saying what “daily affirmations” are NOT, they are not a solely religious tool, nor do they require any strong religious background or beliefs. In fact, that is all I’m going to say about religion with regards to affirmations. There is lots of information on DA on the Internet. Please feel free to read them if you want to know more about how they work. The scope of this ‘ible is how to use them to help you make changes in your life for the better.

Daily affirmations are a tool to help you accomplish a goal. They are more for you to stay focus on the goal and how to accomplish it then any magic ‘voodoo.’

Here is how it works, once you decide on a goal, you spend a few minutes each day, reciting that affirmation to yourself. Either by writing it down 15 times on a piece of paper, you maybe by reciting it 15 or 20 times to yourself in front of a mirror, or maybe just thinking about it out loud.

How you recite your affirmation is a personal decision. But what is important is how you word the affirmation. You need to make it an “active statement” with clearly measurable end state.

Affirmations like, “I want to get better at the piano” aren’t clear enough. A statement like “I want to be able to play Mozart on the piano” is much more obtainable.

It’s important that you believe in your ability to achieve the affirmation, without reserve or conditions.

Affirmations like, “I will grow a third eye” are not useful as you know, with incredible certainty that will not happen.

Step 2: Some Tricks to Help You...

Don’t talk about your affirmations to others. If people around you don’t believe in them and they constantly reinforce a negative outcome, you can’t achieve your own ambition.

Make the affirmation in the present tense. Someone once told me that the best way to obtain a new habit was to act as if you already have it. That was a mind blowing thought to me. If you want to be more patient, act as if you already are, and soon you will be. This is the same process with your affirmation. If you say “I am a more patient person” for your affirmation, it will work better than, “I want to be a more patient person.”

Make sure your affirmations are positive. You wouldn’t want “I hope that my boss gets sick” as an affirmation. Again, this is about making your life, and in turn the world, a better place.

If your dream is a really large one, break it down into smaller affirmations and work on each one at a time. If you want to climb Mt Everest, don’t start with that affirmation. Start with, “I want to learn to climb mountains.” Then once you learn, change it to “I want to climb Mt. Hood.” Then work your way up to climbing Mt Everest with a series of smaller, more obtainable goals.

That’s it! Give it a try. Also, please feel free to comment on any affirmations that you did that came true. Again, this is only a tool, and a tool is only as good as the person who is using it. Don’t expect to achieve great goals without any effort. For a truly rewarding accomplishment, you need to sacrifice and work for it. No one can do it for you.

Enjoy and don’t forget to vote for this ‘ible in the Humana Health by Design Contest if you learned or enjoyed this ‘ible! 
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