Introduction: Make It Tonight! Super Easy DressTop in Step-by-step Photos and Simple Instructions!

1 pattern piece • 2 fabric pieces = 1 fabulous garment for many options!

Step 1: Diagram of Asymmetrical DressTop

Only 1 pattern piece for this DressTop!This odd shaped pattern includes the neckline, arm holes, and the hemline - all in one! These measurements are for size small allowing for stretch. Just add a half inch all around for each size up.

Step 2: Pick a Stretchy, Knit Fabric Like Jersey

Now, fold stretchy, knit fabric in half to cut 2 pieces at once. Pin together if easier to cut, allow for half inch seam.

Step 3: Cut Fabric

Again, allowing for half inch seam all around garment, now cut folded fabric once to get 2 mirror pieces - front and back. Add extra hem if you want a longer dress, as shown.

Step 4: Start Sewing and Be Done in an Hour!

For best results with stretchy fabrics: use a polyester thread, a walking foot, and a stretch stitch like a zigzag or overlock. And because knit materials do not fray, no need to double fold or serge edges! Less steps, less time!

Sew the sleeves, and the side seams first with a stretch stitch.

Step 5: Sew Neckline

Fold over half inch seam and sew with a stretch stitch, like triple stretch.

Step 6: Sew Arm Holes

Fold over half inch seam and sew with a stretch stitch.

Step 7: Sew Hemline

Fold over half inch seam and sew with a stretch stitch.

Step 8: You're Done! Wear It Tonight!

Put on the asymmetrical DressTop! Both sides are identical, so wear it either way! For a dress, pull the hem down to above knees. For a top, pull the hem to below waist or on hips. Boat neck or off the shoulder.


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